Academy – The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

On a structural level, our timeline of adventure is an alchemical movement across time and space, where the transformation of our inner energies can be viewed as an energetic journey of changing vibration.

In the context of our sacred Path, this action of movement through the energies of our self and the reality they embody is known as “walking the rainbow road”, also known as the “rainbow bridge” and is the road we walk to move between realities.

As we move along our Path, we are always moving through the expression of our current subtle energy – meaning, we experience a reality made of the very substance of our current self projected outwards. To move to a new reality, we must change those inner “colors”, clearing the patterns and blockages in our chakras and other energetic systems so that we can experience a more abundant version of our potential reality.

In this way, the rainbow bridge is our road of becoming, of being one thing in the process of becoming another. Engaging in the process of moving from one realm of the Underlands of manifestation to another, from one reality to another in an alchemy of living adventure.

Walking the Rainbow Road (also known as the Rainbow Bridge)

We are always walking the rainbow road. The energies within our inner and outer landscape are always shifting. It is when we learn to consciously transform those energies that we move into a new reality, for we are always living in the reflection of our own prism of self.

As part of the proof of the physics of the Quest, Authors in the Mythica track their timeline along the rainbow bridge, showing how one can travel between manifest outer realities by changing their inner energies and releasing that expansive energies within.

The rainbow road, also known as the rainbow bridge, is the path one walks between the realities of the World Tree. We are always walking the rainbow road. Always moving through the subtle vibrational colors that make up our current reality. To learn how to change those colors is to move to a new reality.

All realities exist, at different moments in space and time. Entire worlds exist on the branches of synchronicity.

In an energetic way, to walk the rainbow road ( also known as a bridge) is to change the condition of your personal colors, your chakras and energy centers, such that you live in another reality. It is a way of understanding your Path, which is a movement from one set of colors to another across a landscape of experience.

We walk the rainbow bridge between realities.

Like all the aspects of our journey to a new reality, the rainbow road can only be perceived when we drop from the surface to the subtle realms of our awareness.

The goal of Mythica Authors is to apply the techniques of akasha yoga to walk the rainbow road, finding their way to the synchronicities of resonance and