WIll and Surrender

Surface Will

Surface Will, or what we normally consider as our decision making capacity, is the most basic level of inspiration and movement.  It is a function of the conscious mind and is deeply influenced by the subconscious (subtle) will.

Subtle Will

The subtle will, also known as the subconscious will, supercedes the conscious will, much like the larger mass of an iceberg beneath the surface outweighs what pushes up above the water.

Causal Will

Causal will is the strongest of all aspects of will.  It is the incarnation of one’s holy guardian angel, the aspect of the Divine Mind that is one’s higher self and it’s motivations.  As the most causal aspect of will and the closest to Source, Causal Will supercedes both subtle and surface will.  It is the thing to which we align in our journey of embodying our highest self.