Mythos, the River of Myth

  • Walking in Gratitude
    It has been a tremendously transformative day. Upon waking, I intentionally invoke the vibration that Dispenza suggested.  Choosing to do a walking meditation, I gathered my things, took off […]

  • A magickal thing just happened, proving the principles of Akasha yoga.  Frustrated yet again with the circumstances of my manifestation, I awoke feeling pressed-upon by the energies of the being who is graciously […]

  • Magick takes many forms, finding her way through the cracks of our personal mystery, letting the Light shine through. In our movements, we find this delicate Gold, revealing the contours of who we really […]

  • Last day at the Magician’s Oasis – 2018-4-9

    Peter Fae and I are preparing to leave the Oasis for the summerlands of San Diego by invitation of Savannah Blaire to the Gaia temple. Soon our taxi will arrive to bring us to the bus station, and there is a closing of the space. It has been such a crucible of healing, applying the deep yogas of change – forgiving the self, the community, the whole creation, and coming back to Love… Everyday doing the practices, clearing the patterns to travel to brighter realms of manifestation; the way opens! Abundance coming through as the gates open, and the money is availing to us in perfect timing, in accordance. If there is anything I’ve learned here, God is the Doer.

    Even as I write this, Little Star sings “Be open, be open to journey wide.” I witness the true heroic journey, “We will walk the Awakening,” she sings as I write that line. “Love through all will Light the way.” These lines are in the perfection of the unfoldment, it is the Truth. Such is the pathways of bright that we are carving into these presentations of the Mythica, that we are all connected, awakening to deeper unfoldment of synchronicity and kismet.

    It is a beautiful thing, that the way is made for us to continue the Quest, leading us deeper into the realms of the Divine Feminine and into the world at large; manifestations of the life-visioning that we both share in service to bringing forth this redemptive media.

    The Quest Continues.

  • having Revelations. * again *

    pulling the Academy together is a thing. Feeling like the Universe wants me to offer some kind of counsel or healing to […]

  • A crucible of constant process marks the movement across the realms, as the divination is clear: Focus. I witness both @Peterfae and I shift into the next level of our dedication to the inner clearing, so that we may both step deeper into the brightlands. It is a challenging position to be in, not knowing where we will go or when, or where or when the resources will come to assist us our mission; yet, I find myself constantly shifting my vibration, clearing through the deva yoga, forgiveness and self-love, and applying the manifestation techniques to align with the abundance.

    It is an intense discipline, to conjure the feeling tones of abundance and positivity, while having been in an ongoing disappointment of manifestation. Desiring love and intimacy, only to not receive it, and realizing that I must give that which I desire to my Self; desiring resonance and recognition from the community, only to blocked, of which I gave appreciation to my Self. Yet, this is all in efforts to clear whatever the pattern that is getting in the way, and transform the causal vibrations with intent for then the external manifestation to change for the better.

    It has been a continuance of my pathway through the desert; of being tempered and demanded of patience and tolerance, through the tending of the inner and outer fires. Loneliness and depression have held within the soma of my Self, and I deepen my disciplines even further to process through these patterns. I’ve developed coping mechanisms, such as overeating and oversleeping, along with just being reclusive because I have felt so locked out from the Love and support that I have desired.

    Yet, inside the continued intensity of inner alchemy and discipline, I feel things shifting; I am releasing habits and embracing more of the deva, breathing more and fasting. My full attention becoming devoted to the task of transforming this, and to my life-purpose. I stay open to any impressions of what work to do to help bring forth my aspect of the Mythica, or to garner resources, and as that comes in I do that.

    Now, I do not know what to do. I have cleared, meditated, done all the practices, a divination, exercised, still I have not a clear read on what to do. As I reflect on this, an inspiration comes; I will do the Life-Visioning…

  • I have always found my Self-Realization peculiar.  Derived from the uniqueness of my character in the Great Story.  Having never been to the Earth plane before, the very nature of this place assaulted me.  I fe […]

  • I go outside, intent on deepening the practices I must force myself to do in effort to clear the subconscious patterns that I know are the root of my circumstance.  I witness Yeshua outside, noble in his regular […]

  • Last night I questioned Yeshua about the toning practices he does to clear the vibrations within his body.  Such was an alien thing to me, yet my deep respect for his Aspects inspired.  Many times I have seen b […]

  • I awaken to the chirping of birds at early dawn. I witness how blessed I am to be in the position that I am, here at the Magician’s Oasis – having come through a deep initiation into the arts of myth, following a […]

  • Tales of Peter Fae
    2018-4-2 – “The Magician’s Oasis”

    As I continue to breathe, I recognize that God HAS showed up for us, time and again, in the form of sanctuary, of Ideas, of monies to bring us food. While it has not been the raw food nor the deep sensual Love of a Divine priestess that both Yeshua and I deserve, it has demanded that we go ever-deeper into the practices, investigating the causal roots of Ideas and manifestation, which has led to the crystallization of the Akasha yoga and the connection with the deva.

    Just today, we had the Clarity come through on the honourific of Gaia that we are creating, the ways in which this new evolution of perennial practices is aligned with the emergent Age. There is also the recognition (in this moment, after processing the frustration-yet-again) of the necessity and blessing of the isolation, so that we could go deeply into the causal understandings free from the distorted influence of outside vibrations, reflecting off the relentless discernment that is our shared mirror.

    Many times before this moment I have looked at the Mythica and thought, “What a beautiful offering to the community, meant to help share our Voices and empower the emergent World”. Despite the many, many, MANY disappointments in both the awareness and virtue of that community, Yeshua and I have done our best to take responsibility for our ‘portion of the distortion’ that is shared by ALL in effort to clear such blockages to Love and Community that play out as the lack of recognition and appreciation of Value.

  • 2018-4-2 – “The Magician’s Oasis”

    I sit outside, breathing in the Akasha yoga, focusing on my relationship with the deva in effort to change my vibrational state. Inside the house, a generous donation from an ally met whilst in the Land of Enchantment takes the form of a bucket filled with food. Though Yeshua and I have given our Word that we would leave by the 1st of the month, we have been waiting on donations to power our movement forward, intent on sharing the Gift and presentation of the Mythica in the node of Light that is Sedona, Arizona.

    As I sit and breathe, I reflect on how much MORE I could be doing the practices, working the inner alchemies to transform my circumstance. Contemplating this brings us deep inner bile towards God, which I consciously work with in attempt to maintain an alkaline relationship with What Is.

    Every day, it seems that Yeshua and I remind each other to do the practices, reinforcing our fellowship and brotherhood in effort to stay in Gratitude for the unfoldment. It is not easy for me, requiring the Forgiving and Acceptance of so much, wheedling away at the patterns of confusion that still linger despite the enlightenment I have achieved in the nature of form itself.

    There is simultaneously a frustration and a sense of the perfection of the unfoldment, in which the Mythica and her maintenance costs have been paid (barely) yet again. And while we are ashamed at having no money to pay for rent, we have been diligent in building the Mythica in effort to bring this Gift to the People … a prayer of appreciation to God deeply in contest with the ongoing rancor towards God and the frustrations of feeling denied in the form of the Love that I have always desired.

    So I sit. And breathe. And go deeper into the Akasha yoga, as I feel I MUST. I work towards more sovereignty in my vibration, dissolving the deep-rooted hatred towards the mortal condition and my general distaste for the circumstances we have endured in the journey to Heaven on Earth.

    It is not lost on me that we have made HUGE strides, yet neither is it lost on me that we have been demanded to do *constant* process to negotiate the shifting and flickering states of consciousness that define the human condition. There is, to me, a lifelong witnessing of the shift between realms, at last coalescing into the Akasha yoga and a method of delivery for the Commonwealth.

    Honestly said, I would much rather be loving human existence. Feeling the “flow”, the nurturing and the sweet deliciousness of Shakti. So many years of frustration in bringing this seed to blossom, the sheer magnitude of tolerance and forgiveness that I have had to cultivate for the vibration of this Age and what we must do is heart-wrenching. And yet, I see no other option but to continue doing the inner practices in effort to change the vibration such that *hopefully*, the easement and connection with the Commonwealth may at last come to bear.

    I do feel an authentic, unconjured sense of Gratitude for the Magician’s Oasis and the fellowship with Yeshua that has enabled us both to ground out the techniques of the Akasha and deva yoga, that has shown us repeatedly that despite what we must endure in this Age, God has provided. I recognize that such is a HUGE movement forward for me, as this year of the Journey Home is very much about having Love for ‘What Is’, in effort to shift realms and at last be in the resonant connecting that is our birthright.

    As I breathe into a forcibly rekindled sense of inspiration, a wave of tiredness comes over me. I feel old. Exhausted from the endless effort to breach the clouds and bask in the Sunlight of Abundance. I long for an *environment* of Shakti, of nurturing, that soothes and softens me, where I am not demanded to conjure such things out of the nothingness of errant thoughts and may drink in the sweet nectar of the physical plane, rejuvenating my Self and resting at last.

  • 2018-4-1 – “The Magician’s Oasis”


    As I listen to Lady Ariane’s words, the feeling strikes me – Is the Universe, my own implicit dharma, demanding that I go ever-deeper into the causal yogas? To practice more and more, clarifying the chords of manifestation on the most subtle of levels?

    I wonder at this. At. the greater intention of my soul’s aspect, and how it determines the circumstance that plays out on the surface plane. After all, to truly understand the nature of movement through the realms, one must have Mastery of that vibrational timbre. I have gotten this thing, the necessity of inner clearing to transform the ‘outer’ circumstance. More, I have seen and been inspired by Yeshua’s constancy of practices. While I am clearly the Lightning that brings inspiration, his Aspect is clearly the Firetender, keeping the spark alight through regularity and constant attention.

    As we make the move to Sedona, my intentions are to rejuvenate the Self. To go deeper into the practices, with more flushness and activity with the deva. I am pleased with my Self for the attainment of the siddhi of Story, and hold compassion for the ways in which Peter (my Self) is resolving the relationship with the practices of the human plane. Inspired by the radiance of Ariane, I head off to bed.

  • 2018-4-1 – “The Magician’s Oasis”

    Just saw a video with Ariane Labyrinth, talking about Trust and Surrender. Today, the Visioning for the ‘Akasha Yoga’ page came together, following the inspired vibrations coming through post-alignment with the revelation that the Mythica is meant to be offered as a Gift to the People. A ministry.

    I feel a grand … there is a sense of stepping into the depths of enlightenment, of a gravitas that lay beneath my Words. Such feels like the reflection of the clarity of building the Mythica, the ability to express the depth of my awareness of Shakti.

    Simultaneous with this there is the deepening of recognition of the necessity of more practices, of truly making the deliberate invocations and inner work my primary focus. There is a … having an Attainment in one area does not apply to all areas. The ancient question of the elements of my own akashic nature coming into alignment with the Earth plane and the necessity of practices here comes up again and again.

    I am a funny creature like this. There is Revelation, enough to create the Mythica, to witness the liberation of Yeshua and others in shared Presence, an awareness of the minutia of the unfoldment of the movements of our mortal Selves through the Akasha. It is a true siddhic attainment.

    Yet for all of the blessing of this, I have felt such natural quality has always required more acceptance of the human aspect, of the daily practices which my lightning is so able to initiate. As Yeshua and I move through the learnings and groundings of the Magician’s Oasis, such comes to the fore, aching for a rejuvenate constancy with which to move deeper in the Earth aspect of the realms of the Akasha.

  • I sit outside, breathing in the Akasha yoga, focusing on my relationship with the deva in effort to change my vibrational state. Inside the house, a generous donation from an ally met whilst in the Land of […]

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