What is the Akasha?

Akasha is the substance of form itself. The clay from which all forms are made. The prima materia, the material of consciousness seen as a sculptural medium. It is the substance of the Goddess, of Shakti, within which the elements constantly dance and change. When we incarnate, we are made of the substance of the Akasha, experiencing a viewpoint based on the shape of that substance. It is the primal ocean, of which our human selves are like bubbles upon the current. In the yogas of awareness, the Akasha is that which awareness is aware-of.

The Akasha is the place where point-of-reference exists. The thing upon which we have ‘points-of-view’. It is the vibrational substance of reality itself. This includes the concept of Time and Space, the coordinates around which the map of our synchronicity is anchored. As a general principle, the Akasha is the substance of reality itself, arranging into an infinite number of configurations of Earth, Air, Water and Fire to form all the various distinctions within reality, including the structure of our selves.

The Akasha is where the timelines of our lives unfold, the record of all actions that have or will occur within the Creation. She is the place where the akashic records exist, the ripples of our lives impressions upon the substance of the Creation. Depending on one’s degree of attainment and discernment, the Akasha can be divined, enabilng one to view events that occur in the past, present, or future.

All divination is an inquiry into the substance of the Akasha, whether conscious or subconscious. When beings refer to things ‘in the field’, such as synchronic thoughts or patterns, when they engage in any form of divination, they are referencing the Akasha. That which awareness is aware-of. This is a challenging endeavor, and requires the yogic quality of discernment to have accuracy.

We are already aware of the Akasha on some level, for it is the medium from which our very selves are made. As droplets of water within this vast Ocean of consciousness, we experience thoughts, impressions and other phenomena through the lens of awareness from this substance.

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There are many levels to viewing the substance of the Akasha that we call reality. Many distinctions and subtleties which may be cultivated and experienced. What appears on the surface to be solid forms is merely the interpretation of a much more subtle thing. As we continue to deepen our awareness and discernment of our experience, our perception of reality changes. We gain vantage into the deeper aspect of What Is.

On the deep levels of sensation, things can appear made of these threads. The patterns and rhythms of specific vibration. Seen at this level, the World resolves into an endless threadwork, the many small pieces weaving together into the Timeline, the thread of our lives in the Great Story.

Consider your life. There was a very specific moment of time and space when your current self was born. From there, you go on a journey through that same field of time and space, experiencing a series of events in which it intersects with the threads of other character, other beings across the World stage. It moves through a progression of events that occur in very specific moments in the akasha, part of a great pattern of which it has only a small window of awareness.

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On this elemental level of perception, all aspects of form play out as these threads of light. These kinesthetic textures and synesthete colours, all part of the same field of unified substance. In this, we are like waves, moving to the rhythm of the ocean, fulfilling our integral part in the Great Story of humanities Awakening.

This beautiful thing is our thread, the unique aspect of the much larger tapestry of the Great Story, the more universal evolution of which we are all an intrinsic expression. To see things in this way, to see the strings and threads of our shared heroic narrative, is integral to the structure of the Mythica.