Akashic Compass

The Akashic Compass

When I first created the Mythica, I had the inspiration to create a mystical device.  A way of tracking one’s movement across the landscapes of legend.  I was fresh from the Academy and was working on a way to show what I recognized as the deeper landscape that all beings walked, the territories that would eventually come to be called ‘the landscapes of legend’, ‘the underlands’, or ‘the Mythica’.

Coming from years of intensive divination work, I was inspired by the idea of the Golden Compass and the Subtle Knife from the His Dark Materials series.

One that acted as a sacred compass, helping one to navigate their way across the shifting territories of their inner and outer world.  This was tricky, as it required feeling out what it was that defined one’s position in a landscape made from essences and interpretations, both constant for all and changing for each individual.

In essence, the Compass is a way of framing divination.  A way of looking at the landscape of one’s life in a more expansive way, closing the gap between what we experience within and without;


The Compass is essential to Authoring and Reading the tales of the Mythica. It is the point around which the principles of the Academy are revealed.


The compass is the way we navigate the landscape of the magical World. It is how we map the subtle lands of our inner experience with the surface lands of the Earth.

In the context of Into the Mythica, all Paths walk on the roots and branches of the World Tree, moving between the many realms of the Tree along the rainbow road. We use the Compass to divine the realms we are traversing in the landscapes of legend.

To help clarify the nature of that movement and the physics that underlie all our Stories of return to a more heavenly Earth, the Akashic Compass was created. A way of showcasing the subtle landscapes of the Mythica.

Divining the Landscape of your Legend

The compass is fundamental to understanding the landscapes of legend. It is a divination device meant to help illuminate the realms through which we travel. Such is the way we track the realms of the World Tree.

Designed to showcase the territories of both the surface and subtle landscapes of our experience, we use the Mythica compass to track the realms of our journey along the rainbow bridge.


There is always a subtle geography to our experience. A vast territory of vibrational patterns that makes up the landscape we walk on our sacred Path.


As we walk along the rainbow road, we move across a vast territory of vibrational archetypes, sharing a landscape of synchronicities with others in the physical world, literally moving through the geography of our own inner vibrational state.

To help navigate one’s way across the landscapes of legend, the Akashic Compass was designed.

There are many ways of divining our sacred Path. Ways of interpreting the energies which are present in our life and how to move through them. While their outer forms change, the essence of divination remains the same – we are looking at the substance of our Path, our timeline through the Great Story.

When we understand that our journey through life is a psychoemotional one across a landscape of archetypes, what we are tracking with the Compass and along the Rainbow Road becomes clear.

Compass in closed position
Neutral position

Here we see that the compass holds dials for the cycles of the seasons and of the days.

Throughout the Stories, these positions are used to visually show where one was at in a particular moment. Were they in the Summer? Were they in the Fall? Was it Night, was it Dawn?

Lenses of the Compass

The lenses of the compass are parts of the divination, showcasing the various influences one is having in their life and where they feel they are at in the landscapes of legend.

Each of the lenses of the compass serves a different function in the narrative. The primary lens is like a looking glass through which one gazes into the landscape of their heroic journey. The middle-sized lens represents the archetype one feels they are embodying in the moment, and the third lens shows the elemental energy we are working with.

Together, these act as a divination tool, showcasing images and elements related to the subtle landscape one is moving through, helping us to recognize and navigate from Shadow to the Bright.

The Journey across Realities is Interpreted

As Divinity looking through the lens of the human eye, our experience is interpreted through the substance of that lens. Through the expression of the principle of form that is our unique perspective on the infinite Universe.

We all see and interact with a different slice of the much larger reality. Each of us having our own interpretation of the events of our lives. Each living in our own reflection of consciousness across the substance of the Akasha.

In essence, we each have our own unique compass. Our way of showing the archetypical energies occurring on our Path

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