Discover your Golden Thread.
Embody your Character.
Live Your Myth.

This is a unique kind of Akashic reading, one where we help you read your golden thread, the magical story of your life, through the impressions of your timeline of Awakening. Coming to see the past and present circumstances that make up your story, bringing light to the patterns and resolutions that play out across the web of cause and effect. Revealing how you can travel the rainbow bridge to brighter worlds.

Based on the principals of resonance, we journey deeper ‘into the Mythica’ together, into the awareness of the unfolding magical story of our lives. 

Learn your Compass to traverse the Realms

Using the acuity and sensitivity of our awareness, we bring light to the energies and archetypes beneath the surface, guiding you to the exaltations of divination. This is where we intuit the elements of your path, the subtle landscape of story that you are traversing, the resolving patterns that are clearing and going deeply into how its all connected. 

We help you see your life as a heroic journey of Awakening, clearing through the shadows towards the revelation of the Gift that wishes to be born through you. Here you can receive one on one psychic counseling into the awareness of your story and healing practices you can use in your journey to embody your magical Aspect and step deeper into the Mythica.

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