Alignment through Nature

In The Mystic Artsby Yeshua Lucis

Under Every Moon and Sun, I and the Land are One.

In the journey back to wholeness, we must return to our true Source and realize we are made of the Land, our very forms are wrought of the elements.

The nature of healing is simple, when we see it. The process of reatuning with Nature is the journey back to our own divine blueprint of health, wholeness and abundance.

Our access to vitality and abundance is tied directly to our alignment with Nature. As we clear the distorted patterns from our nervous systems and align with the harmonics of Nature, we walk the journey back to alignment with Gaia.

This simple misalignment with the larger reality of Nature causes most of the outward issues on the planet that we face today. In the Mythica, we model a spiritual education for one to take responsibility for their portion of the collective distortion, redeeming their very relationship with the land through direct practice.

This is an aspect of what we practice in Akasha Yoga, clearing with the elements, connecting with Nature and aligning with the larger web of life.

The harmonics of the pristine wildlands are more attuned to the primal pulse of the Deva, the consciousness of Nature, and holds the original blueprint of Life. In these sacred places, it is effulgent with healing energies, called by some ley, mana, prana or chi. This has laid beneath the surface of the common awareness and is now budding up to be seen in the Light.

To come to these places with reverence and approach with the intention of Union is to approach our own healing and awakening. The treasures of this embodiment are immense; an aspect of the attainment that comes from oneness with the Land is greater peace and vitality with more stability, intuitive guidance and a grounded expansion of consciousness into the many mycelium layers of Gaia.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. Explore his magical universe and go deeper into his Story on his site.

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