2018-8-22 – Walking the Realms

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Still glowing from the confluence of the nobles of Avalon, I was able to see the long-sought connection between the Akasha and the World Tree.  The manner of presenting it to the people that would help them travel to the world of real magick.

A vision of the branches of the World Tree

Such came in a gentle blossom, as the deva of the Wyndenwood (pronounced ‘Wind-in-Wood’) showed the parallel between the many roots and branches of the forest and the pathlines of our mortal condition.

In the flush of that ancient wisdom, I could See the swirling roots and boughs of the World Tree and our movement along her branches as what it was, the map of our karmas and dharmas, the ancestral patterns of causality lying beneath the surface of perception, manifest in the mortal plane.

The World Tree and the Akasha were one and the same, simply different ways of looking at the pattern of our meaning.  Yet while the Akasha contained the patterns of all time and space, the World Tree were those patterns as they expressed Now, here, in the material plane.  The Tree grounded us in what was now, while providing a physical framework for the patterns unfolding across the Stars of the Akasha.

To walk the rainbow bridge then was to walk the branches of the World Tree, finding our way across the many realities that exist in Her sacred expanse.

The World Tree and the Akasha

You are an expression of the World Tree. A vessel for the deliverance of a seed whose blossom is tied into your Heart’s Desire. This progression is the fulfillment of our form, the purpose for the shape of our soul in this moment of material existence.

We are spiritual beings, pure awareness, having a human experience, in a body that is made of the Land, part of the expression of the World from which it is made. We are never separate from Nature, for we ARE Nature. This is a constant. What changes is our awareness of this and our relationship to it across the many octaves of our experience.

We are the Tree. Experiencing the roots and leaves of itself. Traveling along the branches of itself into the many realms of it’s own earthen embodiment. Coming to gradual dissolution of the idea of separation from the much larger spiritual ecosytem of which we are a part. In many ways, we are like mobile plants, carrying within ourselves the seed of our particular heavenly Gift expressed in it’s earthly form. From this vantage, our trials and triumphs along the heroic journey are the chronicle of that movement, the blossoming of our inner lotus flower from the mud of our resolving amnesia, a gradual revelation of the deeper hues and petals of our psychic potential occuring over time and space, the lines of dharma and karmic circumstance in their manifestation on the material plane, the Tree of Earthly existence.

Walking the Rainbow Bridge

Intrinsically connected to the World Tree is the rainbow bridge.  The passage between different realities and the physics of that blessed manifestation.  Throughout all of our alchemies and heroic journeys, it is the rainbow bridge that we walk, moving through the many locus points of our potential experience.

Deepening one’s perception of the energies

To walk the rainbow to a brighter reality, we must transform the unresolved patterns within our self, for it is these Shadows which obscure our view and reception of the brighter reality that is our Divine birthright.  To clear these Shadow, facing them on our heroic journey, is the greatest service we can do for our collective Awakening, for as we change ourselves, we change our portion of the World.

When we understand that the transformation of our inner circumstance IS the transformation of our outer circumstance, we recognize that our journey to the 5D World of real magick is one of personal alchemy, in which the very reality we live within changes around the axis of our sacred effort.

In this noble action, our World transforms.  The very reality in which we live takes on greater and greater luminance.  As we clear our portion of the distortion shared by all aspects of our collective self, we forge bright passage to the new paradigm.

Weaving the magick of Opening

By being the change we wish to see in the Word, we walk the rainbow bridge into the Mythica, opening the space within to live in the embodiment of the magickal World.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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