“As Above So Below – As Within So Without”

At the core of all mystics arts is the idea that we live in the substance of our own consciousness, that the pattern which exists “within” us manifests “without”, and what is “above” manifests “below”. On the most basic level, this idea is expressed through the axis mundi, our Tree of Life, and is the basis for all movement from one reality to another. Understanding this is crucial for transforming our consciousness and thus our reality.

The basic idea of “As Within – So Without and As Above – So Below” is a timeless one, stretching back across the many cultures and shapes of civilization. In a nutshell, it is the idea that one’s consciousness is a sacred mirror, and that our manifest reality in the “outer” world is a reflection of the state of our consciousness in the “inner” world. Along the same lines, it is the idea that the pattern of our life in the Heavens is reflected in the Earth, that our self is the axis mundi, the point of singularity that gives rise to the mirror.