As Within so Without – The Relationship between Inner and Outer Reality

“Sometimes in Life we wonder, what are things about?
How do the things Within manifest Without?
Some say it’s just a hologram, the World we seem to See
If so what is the alchemy, of how things come to Be?”

To move across the realms towards Heaven on Earth we must understand the cause of our circumstance.  Whatever our judgment or perception on our current reality, the cause of it’s manifestation is always the same.  Such is the fundamental of the physics of the Quest, the very physical-yet-subtle structure of our personal and Collective reality.

The human energy system viewed in terms of the chakras

In various yogic and mystery school traditions, there is the axiom, ‘As within, so without”.  It is a phrase meant to point one’s attention to the reality that the substance of our ‘inner’ reality, the subtle energies that make up our current structure of Self, manifest in our ‘outer’ experience.  And while from the shallows of our perception this may seem ungraspable and esoteric, it is based on a very structural constant, one that may only been seen in the depths and subtleties of our potential viewpoint.  In essence, to change our ‘outer’ reality, we must change the ‘inner’ reality.  Only then, when the vibrational substance of our current lens of Self has changed, will the outer circumstances of our Life transform.

From the depths of yogic attainment the reason for this is clear, for there is no separation between us and the World we live in.  We are not separate beings, but a Unified consciousness having different viewpoints of experience, experiencing, in our unrealized state, the illusion of separation.  The falsity of an unenlightened viewpoint.  Similarly, there is no separation between our Selves and the environment in which we live.  All are made of the same field of vibration.  In all alchemies of yoga and other mystery traditions, it is this vibration that we work to transform, for that inner transformation expresses itself in our ‘outer’ reality.  Such is the Heart of all alchemy, all yoga, all magick.

In the surface shallows of our perception, this is difficult to see.  Very often, we get confused over the many shapes and forms that a particular vibrational pattern manifests through.  Without a natural or cultivated depth of perception, the tendency is to project the cause of our circumstance outwards, holding outside forces responsible for our circumstance.  Examples of this would be the tendency to blame ‘the government’ or ‘other people’ or this or that for the reality that we live in.  Yet this perspective, though common, is incorrect, and out of alignment with the deeper physics of manifestation.  When we approach life from this angle, we do not stand in our strength.

The Lens of the Self living within it’s own hologram of manifestation

As a platform for spiritual education, the Mythica presents this Truth in structural format, showing how the lens of the Self, the vibrational patterns which lay within our conscious and subconscious matrix of Self is a real-yet-subtle physical structure much like a lens or a stained glass window which projects it’s own contents onto it’s reality.

In this context, the various psychoemotional patterns and realities of our manifestation are traced back to the very specific textures within that lens of the Self, which are also often associated with the various physical systems of the body, for example the chakras, the organs (as in Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine), and other aspects of our bodymind.  In such systems, there is an association between various manifest conditions and the contents of our body, demonstrating the link between ‘inner’ and’outer’ reality.

And while this is beautiful, the Mythica goes a step further, deeper into the awareness of What Is.  In recognition of the larger Collective consciousness that is our Truth, the Mythica maps out the individual patterns and hues of vibration with our movement across our Stories, showcasing the relationship of the condition of these vibrations and their change over Time and the circumstances of our lives.  Moreso, the Mythica illuminates how our individual condition and the Collective condition share very specific vibrational qualities which define the circumstance of an entire civilization or Age of humanity, mapped out in the interweaving Stories of the Akasha.

Because this is such a difficult thing to see from an uncultivated awareness, the Mythica is designed to communicate it’s proof through any number of angles, going deep into the many aspects of the alchemy that defines the progression of first coming to Realize the nature of our manifestation and then to illuminate the process of it’s transformation in the context of our heroic journey, that of clearing and changing our inner landscape to transform our outer, as the Quest to transform the Self and thus embody Heaven on Earth.  More information on this can be discovered at Mythica Academy, where we go deeply into the application of the subtle arts.


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