Atonement – From Sin to Grin

If there is a single technique that I have found to increase abundance across the board; it is atonement.  In many spiritual texts, i’ve heard this split into it’s components parts, at-one-ment, which I find particular poignant and appropriate.

Atonement is directly related to the concept of sin; one of the most misunderstood words in the history of humanities current condition.  This distortion of definition has led to more suffering than can possibly be imagined.  It is the worm at the center of the apple of Love.  Ignorant to the falsity of their personal definition, generations of beings have suffered needlessly, lashed by the whips and barbs of their own misunderstanding

Let us look more clearly at the actual definition of sin; so we may see the error in context and return to a clarified sense of what it means to atone for sin.  To rectify this, let us look at the actual definition of sin.  Sin is originally an archery term.  It means, quite simply, to miss the mark.

“Sin is originally an archery term.  It means, quite simply, to miss the mark.”


When we sin; we miss the mark.  It is no different than missing a target.

Yet what is the target? What are we aiming for? What, in terms of the human condition; is the bullseye?

In this case, the target is the True Self, the Loving, Compassionate beings that we are at our core.  The great mistake of human interpretation is to associate sin with an ongoing judgment, which, sadly; continues to perpetuate sin.  Rather than truly hitting the mark; aligning with the qualities of Forgiveness that are God’s True emanation; beings beat themselves up both consciously and subconsciously, causing their Self to sink further and further into sin.

Sin is equivalent to the concept of defilement.  They are essentially the same thing; the quality of muddying the clarity of our perceptions; so that we are incapable of discerning what is truly happening around us.  It is a terribly difficult situation, to exist in such a state.  When we are; our perception of our Selves, of circumstance, of the World around us is bent; a distortion of the Goodness that actually is.  This distortion, this misperception of events which then leads to improper action; is one of the cores of suffering as it exists in the human condition.

This cannot be overemphasized.  Regardless of the subjective definitions of ‘sin’ or ‘defilement’ the simplicity is this: There is a state when we see clearly; and a state when we do not.

Atonement is the quality of clearing this distortion.  Of clearing the distortions; redeeming the defilement.  Cleansing ourselves of the state of sin; so that we may be aligned with what truly is.

“To atone is to become at-one.  Atonement is the quality of ‘at-one-ment’ with the true Nature of God’s Love.”

All action must come from clear perception.  Before we act, we perceive.  Yet if that perception is incorrect, our response will be as well.  The difficulty, and the suffering of the unrealized state, is that when we are in defilement (sin); we cannot see the difference.

Such is, I have found, the genesis of ALL cleansing practices, across all the transient forms of World scriptures and religions.  Regardless of the form or technique that resonates with the Self; the intention is the same: To bring ourselves to seeing clearly; and thus acting clearly; returning to the state of being in which we are aligned with Goodness and Grace.

This is a very difficult concept to digest from certain octaves of awareness.  It assumes that we are in error; which can undermine one’s sense of their own righteousness in their perceptions of the Worlds.  Yet this is the very thing that must be confronted; that must be seen; without judgment, so that we may heal the suffering within our Selves and the Collective of our shared humanity.

Most of humanity at this time is in error, in one manner of another.  Their actions are disharmonious with that which is Greater than the Self.  Suffering exists; not because of God’s inherent Nature; but from the current condition of our individual and Collective Selves.  It is a concept that, once understood; can provide easement to the predicaments of doubt and question as to the circumstances of our Lives and our ability to clear the disharmony.  To return to our natural state of being; one of health, harmony, and resonant Purpose.

When we atone for our sin; we are engaging in a process of clearing.  Of cleaning the distortion and defilement on the lens of our awareness.  We are engaging in an active process of returning to our True aspect; in a state of “at-one-ment” with the Love that is God’s True emanation.  In the end, the result of healing is that we are no longer in error, no longer in sin.  We are radiant, happy, and able to see and act clearly.

Such is the beautiful movement from sin to Grin.

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