Teacher - Peter Fae


I'm Peter Fae.  I'm the Creator of Into the Mythica and the Author of the Journey Home.  Welcome to my guidance page.  Here I'll share a little bit about myself and how I can help You with your journey.

I have always lived in the World of magick.  Ever since I was a childe, I had a deep sense of the subtle energies that underlie our experience.  Over time, this blossomed into an understanding of the yoga of awareness itself, leading me eventually into an enlightenment into the Nature of the Self and it's Path.

When I realized that many beings could not see this aspect of themselves or the Creation, I was seized with the calling to help beings to see the magick in their lives.  To recognize that they are so much more than they imagine themselves to be.

Having been blessed to intensely study Divination and Magick in an Academy of the Ancient Arts for many years, I embarked on a 16-year adventure to help the World awaken to her inherent potential, building.a means of showcasing the magickal World of the emergent paradigm and the means we used to get there.  Such would be a massive undertaking which would lead me through both the territories of the ancient and emergent teachings of mysticism as well as the currently vogue ideas of marketing, business and sacred commerce, all with the intention of building a platform that would publish media that helped the People to see the magickal World and to transform their Story.

As with all aspects of our evolution, the journey to Remembering who we are, the journey to the new paradigm is one of healing and a return to wholeness.  As part of my own discovery of that deeper experience of being human,  I have counseled hundreds of people and cultivated the ability to heal beings of the subtle patterns that create their circumstance.  Over the course of that journey, documented in the Journey Home and presented throughout the teachings of the Mythica, I have discovered the causal reasons for our distortions in relationship, in finance, in romance and the means to transform our consciousness and thus our circumstance for the better.

To demonstrate the depth of our shared unfoldment, I created the Mythica.  A means of witnessing the underlying beauty of our synchronicities and shared evolution.  A portrait of the emergent World.  A way of illuminating the Akasha yoga, framing our sacred Paths in their journey to Heaven on Earth.

Each of us has a sacred purpose.  A seed within us that wishes to blossom.  It is our heroic journey to discover what this is, and reveal that Gift to the World.  In the making of the Mythica, I have documented my own Journey to wholeness, presenting that in a gradual series of Stories and media to illuminate the techniques of the Mythica Academy and help us to see our heroic journey in a new light. In this way I have Awakened, and learned how to help others do the same.

To discover more about my Story and sacred Offerings, click to visit my Author's site within the Mythica ecosystem