Teacher - Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is a mystical adventurer on a journey of self-realization.

Soon after receiving a Life-Vision of sharing his story in an emergent culture of awakening, Yeshua met Peter Fae at the roundtable and joined him on the Quest to bring forth the Mythica, entering into the next octave of his study and application of magick.

Through deep yogic ritual, he has been revealing and aligning with his life purpose. He is devoted to our collective Awakening through the Akasha Yoga of Story to reveal his timeline of Awakening and the Great Story of how we are all connected.


I’m Yeshua Lucis, the second Author for Into the Mythica. I am on a Quest granted by the Divine, to assist in our collective Ascension through anchoring a New Story.

I answered the call to adventure, after a dream where it was foretold, “Follow the synchroncities unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.”

So I did. I followed my inner compass, being led by the guidance of the Divine. As I traveled I discovered different centers of Light; spiritual vortexes such as Sedona and Crestone, sacred sites, gatherings of emergent consciousness, and eco-communities.

Along the path I have met all manner of characters of a Great Story, each sharing a renaissance of self-definition and emergent storyline. Bright guardians of a new paradigm, stewarding an emergent way of being more attuned to the sacred, to the redemption of relationship, and to the land.

I spent extended periods of time in retreat connecting with the pristine wild-lands, learning and applying spiritual practices to cleanse and transform my consciousness, with the underlying motive to embody the change I wish to see.

In 2016, following a retreat of many months upon the magickal land of Crestone, I received a vision of my life-purpose; to share my voice in an emergence of Awakening. Soon after, I met Peter Fae at the roundtable and joined him on the Quest of the Mythica, in a task of setting the tone for a new mode of storytelling, one that shows how we’re all connected and frames the Awakening, illuminating the nature of the heroic journey and how it relates to self-development.

I have assisted in this crusade by documenting my timeline and creating stories that illuminate the framework of the Mythica Academy, the principals and practices that have transformed my reality for the better and have led to the ongoing fulfillment of the Seed Within me, my life-purpose.

We are all Awakening, coming to discover the Seed Within, and together we are blooming into the Garden of a New World. This vision drives the backbeat of my Story and offerings inside the eco-system of the Mythica.