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Divine Mother’s Medicine

In World of the Mythica by Dakota Chanel

“Stay close. Don’t leave me again.” I whisper. I remember this great union and then the veils seem to come again. This separation unbearable. This aching loneliness howling at me constantly in a world crying out for awakening. In so many gazes, pain seeping out the eyes like pine sap, not seeing the solution is the pineal eye of union. …

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We are Water

In Academy - Articles by Dakota Chanel

Water as the elemental representation of the divine mother and womb workshop experience. Learning to surrender into flow, trust, love, and grace in the arms of the feminine…<3 Water is not just a physical substance, but an elemental representation of the Divine Mother. Carrying the qualities of Love, Grace, Surrender, Flow, formless able to be formed. This is the magic …

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Ways to Nurture the Sisterhood

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♡ Sisterhood is one of the greatest treasures in life! ♡ My mom used to tell me boyfriends come and go so make your girlfriends a priority as they outlast all of them! The older I get the more I see the truth of her wisdom. We thrive on cooperation and upliftment, not competition, so let’s support each other’s fullest blossoming! ~Ways …

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Returning to Sensual Sisterhood

In World of the Mythica by Dakota ChanelLeave a Comment

Remembering the sacred communion of the divine feminine~ *Sisterhood: In this article, sisterhood means the deep bond between women, those blood and non-blood related. Because the truth is that we are all blood related at some level and the sooner we embody this principal the better. “Her tongue flickered in dancing steps of ecstasy across my breast, causing the golden …