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Proving the Road to Heaven on Earth

The World is asleep.  Barely aware of it’s own potential.  Where beings struggle with scarcity and confusion, disconnected from the power and Grace that lay within them.  For too long, we have been subject to a media that focuses what is wrong rather than what can change our circumstance for the better.

It’s time for a better Story.  One of Hope.  One of Wonder. That helps us Wake Up to the Truth, that we are Divine beings, living in the human condition, on the greatest adventure of all.   As Authors in the Mythica, we document our own Heroic Journey, showcasing the real techniques that change our reality for the better and detail the magickal World.

We are adventurers, revealing the World of real magick, waiting to be discovered.  Saving the World. One Story at a time.

Tracking the Heroic Journey

Tracking the Heroic Journey

Teaching through Story

Into the Mythica is a teaching Story.  A new form of Storytelling that tracks the mythopoetic autobiography of the Author in their journey to the realms of myth, magick and Abundance.  What we call, ‘the Mythica’.  Using the sacred art of witnessing the unfoldment, they represent a new breed of journalism, one that reveals the underlying synchronicities of our lives and the techniques we use to transform our reality for the better.

The flagship Story of Into the Mythica, ‘The Journey Home’, was pioneered by Peter Fae, to showcase what it means to witness our own journey in it’s true heroic framing.  To illuminate the Physics of the Quest, to present the techniques of personal development used along the adventure in the Academy, and to showcase the various Characters of the Great Awakening, harbingers of the new paradigm of an emergent humanity.

He was soon followed by Authors Yeshua Lucis and Dakota Chanel, gradually building their own timelines, witnessing the unfoldment of their sacred tale, and tracking their own journey home.  They are the first of an ongoing series of Authors choosing to document their heroic journey to the revelation of Heaven on Earth.

As a media network of sacred Stories, the Authors of the Mythica feature the Characters and Places that occur on their own Quest, sharing the underlying mythos of the People in our media channel, ‘Tales of the Mythica’ to show the Truth – That there is no separation, we are all connected, part of the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

Telling the Stories of the Ascension

How does this work? What is the content of our Stories?

We are all on a Heroic Journey.  A sacred Path through the circumstances of our lives, towards the revelation of the Gift that lay within us.  It is an adventure, across the many realms of our potential manifestation.

As Authors in the Mythica, we showcase the intricacy of that journey, proving the nature of the Quest, the Realms of the real magickal World, and the Physics of the Quest for the People.  We illustrate the nature of the Path.

Our purpose?  To educate beings in how to get to the real magickal World, to see their Life as a sacred journey of Realization, showcasing the People, the Places, and the Techniques that we use to move from one realm to another on our heroic journey.  We are both an entertainment and an educational platform, designed to illuminate the both the individual and collective value of our Stories.  As Authors, we do this by relating our tales to the educational framework that is the Mythica core concept.

She is a media platform for self-development seen in the context of our personal adventure.  Where we prove the use of disciplines like Life Visioning, Ho’oponopono, Deva Yoga, the various arts of manifestation and personal attainment to prove that by applying the techniques, we can change our reality, transform our consciousness, and step into a more magickal World.  The World of the Mythica.

As such, content on the Mythica site follows this framework –

  • Describe the Physics of the Quest, the Law of Reflection and the Rules of the Road in relation to the Heroic Journey
  • Our relationship with the Aina, the Sacred Land, and how that relates to the Heroic Journey
  • Showcase the World of the Mythica, with an emphasis on framing our prose in terms of the Return to the Garden
  • Illustrate the techniques taught in the Academy of Myth which help us move forward on our Heroic Journey and move deeper into the embodiment of Heaven on Earth

The Brightlands and the Shadowlands

As Author-Adventures documenting the movement across the realms of consciousness, there is a context by which we describe the journey.

Very often in the human condition our point-of-view changes.  We lose sight of the Goodness and Grace that is God’s True essence.  We deal with the imprints and as-yet-unprocessed distortions within the framework of our Self.  And, accordingly, we live in a realm, a manifest reality that mirrors that energetic state.

To frame this as a movement through the real magickal World, we refer to this as the Brightlands and the Shadowlands (or Shadow).  Such describes the territories we currently travel through for the Readers, in which we are describing a journey across the planes of our manifestation through Shadow back to the Brightlands, redeeming our way to Heaven on Earth.

As adventurers proving the road to Heaven on Earth, our objective is to move through the realms of Shadow back to the Brightlands, where we have access to the Grace, the Glory and wonder that is our birthright.  To return to the Kingdom of God within ourselves.


Exploring the Mythical World

All the World’s Stories have a single, underlying theme.  The return to the Paradise that is our birthright.  Yet many cannot see the way.  They do not understand the nature of manifestation nor the way to change their circumstance.

The Mythica logo symbolizes a lotus-like glyph of a book’s pages turning in leaves.  This is to signify our Stories of returning to the Garden.  Of clearing the distortions within our lives to Awaken and embody an exalted relationship with the Aina, the sacred Land and return to the Garden.

As Author’s we act to frame our writing in this context, referring to our Life Purposes as a seed that grows, our Paths as intersections on the World Tree, etc.  We are a highly eco-conscious publishing medium that focuses not only on the Self, but our relationship with the elemental spirits of Nature and how that relates to the Remembrance of our Divine relationship.

This is a fundamental, crucial quality to our writing.  As a publishing medium, Into the Mythica focuses on the magick of the natural World, showcasing the nature of the physics of the Quest across a mythical landscape that occurs ON the planet.  The photos, the writing, are all meant to illustrate to the Reader that if they do their own practices, if they come into loving relationship with the Aina (the Land), they can live in ever-more magickal, more redeemed and exalted circumstance.

As we enter into the new paradigm, there is a rise of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and the emergent magickal World.  Into the Mythica, which showcases this World, intends to showcase these things on both a macro and micro scale, in the context of the return to the Garden ,the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.


 Teaching through Story

“When you change your reality, you pave the way for others.”

Be the Change

Into the Mythica is a teaching Story.  She is meant to illuminate the ways in which we move across the Realms of the real magickal World, from Shadow back to the Brightlands, through the application of the techniques of Self-empowerment.  She is an educational incentive, in which we are proving that we CAN clear the patterns within our lives and step into the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

As such, the Stories of her Authors are linked to the Mythica Academy, as well as other academic institutions, all serving the same fundamental goal – to help You, the Reader, learn to see you Life as the mystical journey it truly is, and discover the Gift that lay within You.

To learn more about this, visit the Academy

The Atlas of Stories – We Are All Connected

There is no separation.  We are not alone in our Quest.  The World is bigger than we are.  Nature and Divinity are a much, much larger system than our consciousness may perceive, to which we are a unique and necessary part.  We are part of a bigger unfoldment, part and parcel of a plan set up the intelligence of the Universe itself.

An Atlas of Stories.

Into the Mythica goes deeper than our individual Story.  She showcases the much larger World, the Atlas of Stories that links us all together.  She is unique as a publishing medium in that she is designed to showcase the moments on our Stories where we intersect we each other.  Where our destinies interweave, like the roots beneath a Garden.  Through revealing this, the Mythica intends to prove the Truth – that there is no separation, that we are all connected, all part of the great Awakening of the human condition.

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