One Story.  Many Voices.

Into the Mythica is a Collective Story.  Many Authors documenting their heroic journey across the realms of the magickal World, witnessing both their individual unfoldment and their context within the Great Story, the weave of our many adventures into the tapestry of our shared human Awakening.

Designed with the intention to provide a limitless canvas for the sharing of our personal mythos, the content of the Mythica is consistently about our heroic journey and how it relates to the principles of the. Mythica Academy, in which we showcase our personal and shamanic transformations in the context of the emergent Garden.

As we . witness out Stories as a collective Authorship, we will gradually reveal the 'web beneath the worlds' the map of synchronicities that shows the underlying gravity of our interconnectivity.

There are many ways to do this.

Exploring the Magickal World


Peter Fae


Yeshua Lucis

Teaching through Story

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Welcome to a new way of telling Stories.  Of documenting the heroic journey through the shadows of our lives to reveal the Gift that lay within us.

Into the Mythica embodies a new form of journalism.  A witnessing of the real World of magick and Wonder.  A showcasing of the heroic journey that occurs for all beings, in all walks of Life.  In which the Authors have heeded the call to adventure to live a more mythical Life in service to the Divine, and are publishing their tales from the horizon of that sacred relationship.

Authorship in the Mythica is all about telling the tale of our own mystical unfoldment, tracking our journey across the realms of the Creation to the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

Clearing our Way to Heaven on Earth

As part of our regiment of embodied example, Authors detail their shamanic experiences in the context of our healing and return to wholeness, relating those techniques to the healing principles presented in the Academy.  In essence, we prove the principles by which we live and how they work.

Author's Sites

As a publishing platform for the magickal World, the main site of Into the Mythica acts as a central node which connects the individual sites of the Author's and their sacred Quests.

To read any of the Stories of the Authors, follow the link on their Guide page to their personal site.  To return to the main central node of the Mythica, click the icon to the left of their name.

There are many ways for Authors to share their heroic journey through the Mythica.  As adventurers on our sacred Path, it is important to have tools that let us express what we need to express as easily as possible while still holding our integrity in the subtle truths that define what it means to be a Mythica Author.  

Fundamental to this easement is the use of the Adobe Spark suite of Storytelling applications, designed to make it easier for us to share our sacred journeys with the World.

As an example, enjoy the Story below, created with the Adobe Page iOS/Android application.


Witnessing the Wonder

Authorship in the Mythica

As Authors in the Mythica, we aren’t just telling Stories.  We are documenting our heroic journey across a landscape of consciousness, proving that we can change our reality and come to Heaven on Earth.  Our tales are a teaching Story, designed to show the People that there is Hope, that we can live in a better, more magickal World.


The Yoga of Story – Principles of Authorship in the Mythica

Authorship in the Mythica is made up of these distinct sections:

  • I – Framing Your Story

  • II – Showing the Techniques

  • III – Getting Your Story Out There

Part I – Framing Your Story

Tracking the Heroic Journey

The pen is poised.  The camera is at the ready.  You’re ready to tell your Story.

Yet how do you tell your Story? What are you telling?

 As Authors in the Mythica, we are helping to educate beings in how to get to the real magickal World, showcasing the People, the Places, and the Techniques that we use to move from one realm to another on our heroic journey.  We are both an entertainment and an educational platform, designed to illuminate the deeper octave of our potential reality through our Stories.  As Authors, we do this by relating our tales to the educational framework that is the Mythica core concept.

Our purpose as Author’s is to describe our Path deeper into the magickal World, illuminating the nature of the Heroic Journey, the Physics of the Quest, and the movement across the Realms.  As such, content on the Mythica site follows this framework –

  • Describe the Physics of the Quest, the Law of Reflection and the Rules of the Road in relation to the Heroic Journey
  • Our relationship with the Aina, the Sacred Land, and how that relates to the Heroic Journey
  • Showcase the World of the Mythica, with an emphasis on framing our prose in terms of the Return to the Garden
  • Illustrate the techniques taught in the Academy of Myth which help us move forward on our Heroic Journey and move deeper into the embodiment of Heaven on Earth

The Brightlands and the Shadowlands

As Author-Adventures documenting the movement across the realms of consciousness, there is a context by which we describe the journey.

Very often in the human condition our point-of-view changes.  We lose sight of the Goodness and Grace that is God’s True essence.  We deal with the imprints and as-yet-unprocessed distortions within the framework of our Self.  And, accordingly, we live in a realm, a manifest reality that mirrors that energetic state.

To frame this as a movement through the real magickal World, we refer to this as the Brightlands and the Shadowlands (or Shadow).  Such describes the territories we currently travel through for the Readers, in which we are describing a journey across the planes of our manifestation through Shadow back to the Brightlands, redeeming our way to Heaven on Earth.

In this context, as we framing our Stories as movements through Shadow back to the Brightlands.  As such, when we are in a confused, negative viewpoint on reality, we are in Shadow.  When we are in a bright, expansive viewpoint, more aligned with the Goodness of God, we are in the Brightlands.

The Truth is, we all go through these shifts in consciousness.  As Author-Adventurers describing the human adventure as a movement across a landscape, we are referring to these different states of being by ‘Shadow’ and the ‘Brightlands’, implying that these are different realms of the potential landscape of our perception and manifestation.


Framing the Mythical World

The Mythica logo symbolizes a lotus-like glyph of a book’s pages turning in leaves.  This is to signify our Stories of returning to the Garden of Eden.  Of clearing the distortions within our lives to Awaken and embody an exalted relationship with the Aina, the sacred Land and return to the Garden.

As Author’s we act to frame our writing in this context, referring to our Life Purposes as a seed that grows, our Paths as intersections on the World Tree, etc.  We are a highly eco-conscious publishing medium that focuses not only on the Self, but our relationship with the elemental spirits of Nature and how that relates to the Remembrance of our Divine relationship.

This is a fundamental, crucial quality to our writing.  As a publishing medium, Into the Mythica focuses on the magick of the natural World, showcasing the nature of the physics of the Quest across a mythical landscape that occurs ON the planet.  The photos, the writing, are all meant to illustrate to the Reader that if they do their own practices, if they come into loving relationship with the Aina (the Land), they can live in ever-more magickal, more redeemed and exalted circumstance.

As we enter into the new paradigm, there is a rise of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and the emergent magickal World.  Into the Mythica, which showcases this World, intends to showcase these things on both a macro and micro scale, in the context of the return to the Garden ,the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.


Describing the Realms

As Author-Adventurers, we are describing our movement across the many realms of the Creation, in accordance with the Physics of the Quest.

Understanding realms and articulating them is crucial to describing the journey across the Heroic Landscape.

Essentially, realms are the individual territories, the different landscapes of the Mythica, and our perception of those realms is either through the Brightlands or Shadow.

Part II – Teaching the Principles

“When you change your reality, you pave the way for others.”

Be the Change


Into the Mythica is an educational incentive, in which we are proving that through the application of technique, we can change the reality in which we live.  That we CAN clear the patterns within our lives and step into the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

As Authors, our Stories are meant to illustrate our journey across the realms of our own consciousness, proving the Physics of the Quest, the Rules of the Road, and using those tales as an reminder not only to others, but for our own Self.  Through our prose, we actively provide links to Mythica Academy, using our Stories as a reference point.  For an example of this, click here.

Your Story is your Resume

As we apply the techniques to our own lives and document our process, something beautiful occurs.  By doing the work, we become the embodiment of the solution for others.  In this way, our Story becomes our resume, illuminating us as the actual accomplishment of the teachings we promote.

Into the Mythica aims to shatter the old Idea of ‘resumes’ and ‘work experience’, bringing the recognition of Value back to where it belongs – with the direct experience of the individual.

Ultimately, a lot of things can be said on paper.  But what matters, where our value really is, is in our embodiment.  The lessons we’e learned, the particular Gifts that we bring to the table.

In a rapidly changing World, there are many essential skill sets which old paradigm resumes are incapable of honouring.  In the Mythica, we take Your Story, your real experience, the real attainments you’ve had on your heroic journey, and showcase them as the proof of your expertise!

Remember – Embodiment is Value.  Live your Myth.

Stories about Stories

The World is bigger than we are.  Nature and Divinity are a much, much larger system than our consciousness may perceive, to which we are a unique and necessary part.  We are part of a bigger unfoldment, part and parcel of a plan set up the intelligence of the Universe itself.

As an educational platform deigned to promote awareness of our sacred unfoldment, Into the Mythica is meant to illuminate both the heroic journey, the Story of the individual Author, and the larger context of tales which defines the Atlas of Story, the much larger context of which our individual expression is a part.

Part III – Telling Your Story

Ways of Telling Your Story

As a publishing platform, Into the Mythica was designed to provide as many avenues as possible for Authors to tell their Story.  Whether your inspiration lay in the creation of videos, of mixed media documents, graphic novels, longhand prose or any other form, she exists as an open-source to facilitate the teaching of the way to a better reality through a variety of mediums.

Below are a number of examples of the forms that are already designed into the Mythica structure, emphasizing the various aspects of the Author’s Guidelines.





Mythica Comics

Mythica comics represents a new form of Storytelling which presents individuals as the protagonist of their own heroic journey told in comic book form, part of a much larger collective of emergent guardians of the New World.  This is presented inside a multimedia framing in which photos, illustrations, videos and hyperlinks all combine to allow beings to tell their Heroic Story, all of which connects to an underlying social network that frames the Mythical World.  The Mythica™.

The Stories of Mythica comics, which feature real Characters, real People, are hyperlinked together, providing a new way of framing our Stories, a front-end for all aspects of the Mythica ecosystem, including the social network, the marketplace, the user profiles, articles and content, in which the comic itself becomes the larger framework through which we deliver any manner of multimedia.  I suppose in a visual way it could be said that the comic book, the context of our lives as an unfolding journey, is what facilitates the content, our videos, our instagrams, our Stories and personal evolutions.

The comic book presentation is fundamental to the Mythica brand concept.  As Authors, we will use these “hyperglyphs”, hyperlinked and multimedia comic books, to illustrate the fundamental yogas of self-empowerment and facilitating the ongoing remembrance of the People to their deeper and more intrinsic value.

Getting Your Story Out There –

The Quick & Easy


So you’re on the Quest.  You’re having a deep experience of the Mythica.  And you want to tell your Story.  To see your sacred Path and how it connects to others.

Into the Mythica strives to give you the easiest experience in delivering your Sacred Story.  We have looked at many different offerings for doing this and have the following options for You:

Before we tell the Story, we have to witness it.  With today’s technology, it’s easy.

At the barest minimum, an Author can create their Mythica timeline with a iPhone or Android.  This only gets easier on a larger screen, and with the addition of a stylus (the Apple pencil is shown here) to add to the illustrations.

The Digital Canvas

(Apps for telling your tale)

NOTE – put in a series of App suggestions for Authors, with links. Stuff like Lens Light, Comic Life, etc.


Sometimes we only have time for a quick note.  A quick letter to ourself or others, that reminds us of the magick in the moment.  Into the Mythica integrates with Instagram for this purpose, automatically posting your Instagram photos onto your timeline.  Whether you leave it at that, or go deeper into revealing your Sacred Story, is up to You.


Spark Your Lightning

At her current stage of development, The Adobe Spark suite is, perhaps the easiest way to put together your Stories in the Mythica.  Adobe has created an amazing suite of tools that, in proper context can easily populate our content whilst framing the uniqueness of the Mythica brand.


Our Life is a Living Myth.  Worthy of telling in graphic novel form.  This the first stage of the creation of Mythica Comics, and we highly recommend this amazing tool for developing your style for publication, which can then be inserted into your Timeline.

Publishing in the Mythica Ecosystem

As Authors in the Mythica, we have particular channels through which we distribute our content.  These include:

  • Our personal site
  • The Main Mythica site
  • The Mythica network
  • The Iris
  • Publications from the Mythica (Graphic novels, magazine, books, other media)


Where we publish our articles, our Stories and the like, follows a sequence, to allow for maximum sovereignty and synergy.

Main Mythica Site – The main Mythica site is meant to provide an overview of the Heroic Journey, including the Physics of the Quest, the Rules of the Road, and a presentation of the Great Story.  She also houses references to the Academy, and various classes and courses which relate to the heroic journey.  Articles that relate to these concepts go here.

Your Personal Site – Stories about your personal journey go on your personal site, which is related to your timeline.  This way, we give Author’s sovereignty over how they wish to present their content, with links to their site from the main hub.  Similar, our particular non-Story offerings, such as music, healing, art and the like, are presented on our personal site.  In some cases, we weave our healing offerings into the Academy.

The Mythica network – The Mythica social network exists to allow beings a safe space to explore their magick, to refine their own Story, and connect with others.  Here, we provide all sorts of articles related to the World of the Mythica, which links the various Characters together, as well as provide links to the different institutions and realms connected to the Mythica.  Articles here are related to the larger structure.

The Iris – The Iris is a multimedia channel whose first function is to illuminate the Atlas of Story, meant to showcase how all of our Stories are interconnected.  She is also designed (eventually) to feature content from the various Characters of the Mythica, always referring to the context of our shared Unity.

Publications – Publications can vary throughout the Mythica, from personal photo books, music and media, Stories, instructional manuals, etc. to anything above and in-between. Ultimately, these would be sold on the Mythica network and on beings personal sites.