Awakening to a New World

There is an emergent world of real magick and wonder, a place of divine providence and depth of being. Budding up through the garden of the mind is a new story of what it means to be human. A sacred song sings of a dawning age as we move into a new octave of our potential embodied, and we come to realize that all along we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Seeds of Light are budding up through the Land, coming from the depths of Source, each embodying a quality of our collective Awakening. We are these Seeds, and each of us are vessels for this larger movement, awakening to the essence of the Gift that lay within us. As move across the deeper version of our reality, into the Mythica, we encounter one another in synchronicity, coming to see that we are fulfilling an interrelated function at this time of great transition.

By attuning to Source, we step into the sacred flow of Destiny. We come into alignment with our life purpose, the Seed Within us, and gain access to the ideas that fulfill it. We may be in wielding with this through the spiritual practices of clearing the Lens of the Self. The Truth is that God is Good and that Nature is Abundant, it is a matter of the posture of awareness that we hold as to whether or not we perceive the benevolence beneath the Path, the Gift that wishes to happen through our lives.

With a clear lens, we can navigate our path into the magick. We are learning to do this by following our inner compass and developing discernment of what is in or out of alignment with the Seed Within. We may then get a reading on our inner navigate and have clear guidance. With keen awareness, we develop an authentic and direct connection with the compass of the self and are able to trace the synchronicities of our lives to reveal the deeper unfoldment.

As a Collective, we are facing the shadow and clearing our way back towards the light. We are processing through specific qualities and archetypes, such as the divine masculine and feminine, the patterns of scarcity, of stepping into our Truth. These can be traced back to specific areas in our bodies. We may cross the threshold to recognize that there is no separation. That which is without is a reflection of that which is within us. By clearing it at the causal place of manifestation, which is within us, we are clearing our portion of the collective distortion. We embody the transformation.

In this way we come to see that each of the characters in our lives are part of that unfoldment, in which we are each processing our portion, sharing a series of interconnected karmas and life purposes unfolding over time. By applying right action inside the redemption of relationship, we embody the remedy for our direct life manifestation, and for the Planet. When we trace this at large, we come to see an entire pantheon of characters dedicated to this exact process, all connected inside the Akasha during this collective shift.

We are all part of something much larger than our individual selves, a grand orchestration of divine providence. We are all coming to Awaken. We are coming to realize that there is no separation, to take responsibility for our portion and embody the change we wish to see. In this way, we ground in what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience and assist in the transformation of our lives and the planet for the better.


About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua Lucis is an Author and Guide at Into the Mythica. Visit his site to learn more about him, read his stories or book a consultation.

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