“Baptism of Water” – BTS (rough)

In Behind the Scenesby Peter Fae

Comic script for ‘Beloved 2011’ – “Called by God”Griffin is wandering through the fields of Beloved.  There is light everywhere.  Analogues of the various architectures and installations can be seen in this mythica illustration of the Incarnate space.

He is mixing a concoction of potions and experimenting with them.  One of the rooks comes over, a living black rook bird-man, with sigils of ancient texts surrounding his head like a halo.

The scene shifts back over to Griffin; examining the rook.  It is a close-up shot, Griffin’s eyes show the Universe inside of them.  Light splays across his face as if radiant from the rook he is gazing at.

The rook hands him a small vial, a potion.  (or casts some sort of spellwork; with that ancient scripture sigilwork around the Rook’s hands)The scene shows Griffin’s hand, holding the glittering potion.  The rook says nothing, and flies off into parts unknown.

Griffin looks at the vial, then tosses it back, drinking it down.Some panels show him moving over to the dance area.  beings of light are glittering and glowing; Mythica interpretations of the dancers (author’s note: get photos for this; ask Kyer)a tribal african band gets on.  Images of lion-headed avatars, elephant-headed avatars, a crane (or african equivalent) etc. playing music.

Griffin is weaving through the crowd; bare-chested, dancing; glittering sparks around him and after-images through the crowd.A panel shows a close-up his face, looking at the band.Next panels a little further out, shot of Griffin & the band, he is focusing his awareness, striving to hold each of the band members in his consciousness at once.  A split panel of each of the band members (with animal-heads, playing instruments) and the energies of the telepathic connection crossing the gutter into each other’s panels.(FILL THIS PART IN)Griffin puts down his bow on the embankment.  It looks like a glittering bow with a drawstring of subtle lightning.  Panels show him wandering off, wandering past the Mythica interpretation of the various tents and merchants, of laughing people of various colours and textures.  He passes the food carts, and begins wandering off into the wilderness, following a string of lights.Panels show him walking by the trees; a close up of his hands coming to his head.  Another close-up showing the drums of his ears thumping outwards with every musical bass beat.  Musical notes move across the gutter space of the panels of the page.thought-bubble –“I must get … to the deva … the deva will cleanse me …”thought-bubble –“I can feel the pulse inside of me.  Pushing.  The smells, the vibrations, everything is so intense, so bombarding.  It feels like my eardrums may burst at any moment.  All I can sense is that the deva will cleanse me; that I must make my way to the deva.”He wanders through darkness, following the lights.  The pain is nearly unbearable.“The deva can cleanse me … the deva …” he keeps saying to himself, feeling a pull from a distant location.  He is following a trail only he seems to be able to hear.text: “There is a feeling … dragging me forward …”panel: shows over-the-shoulder shot; Griffin is going deeper into the woods; passing cars which fade away to a dirt road.Panels show him walking on the road.  Bare-footed.  He continues, panels showing him moving further and further from the glittering lights of the festival as seen through the silhouette of the darkened trees.  He is heading along the path.thoughts – “the trees are cooling, so cooling.  The darkness is a palatable thing, unbroken by the wash of subtle electronica.  In this state of consciousness, even the intentional sublimity of the architecture of Beloved is too much.  I must retreat to the woods.””Thoughts occur to me, what will my friends think when I disappear? and I dismiss them.  I will walk to the edge of the Pacific ocean if I need to to get away from that pounding beat”Panels show him approaching a gate.  In the Incarnate, it looks like a metal stand-up gate; with a guitarist sitting down guarding.  As Griffin approaches; the guitarist is playing musical notes.  Sweet, acoustic musical notes.   The scene shifts, the guitarist is holding a lyre; the metal gate is clearly seen as a realmgate.  The path leads DOWNWARD, yet still on a dirt roadGriffin begins to dance to the acoustic guitar music.  A series of panels, showing him in various positions; like a strobe light across the page; vertical panels in slits or something like that.  The guitarist is seen at the bottom of the page; with the notes floating like word balloons.  The upper panels show Griffin’s motions in various full-body postures with lots of movement.  As the dance progresses, pieces of Griffin’s glamourous energies fall away.  The guitarist does not notice, playing on.text: “As I danced, I realized, I was letting go of my definition in the World.  As a dancer.  I could feel it, in the undercurrents of the Mythica.  I am traveling to the Underworld.  An image rises in my surface mind, the scene from ‘Promethea’ where she is undressing.  The feeling-toneunderneath the surface form is constant.”

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