Bee Totem

In the world of the Mythica, there is a common totem that appears in the Great Story. That of the bee, of the sacred ally of the natural world that pollinates life and gathers nectar. The bee is part of a much larger hive mind, a collective consciousness of natural intelligence, just as we are.

As the bee arrives, we see the honey. and the nectars, the sweetness of nature, we are reminded of our ability to be connected to something larger, to move as One Hive. We see that our efforts are all part of a much larger pollination, one of bringing about the return to the Garden.

In this way, when we are led to Sacred Lands, where we intersect one another on our passage across the leylines, we gather and share pollen, codes of Light that we spread out across the World and bring back to the Hive.

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