Bio - Yeshua Lucis


Author. Explorer. Emissary.

I’m Yeshua Lucis, Author of the Seed Within and explorer of the Mythica.

I’m a seed of light sent here to spread Awakening, part of a pantheon of other Emissaries here to do the same.
I was born magical. A place where imagination and reality are two sides to the same process, where life breathes meaning with whispers on the wind.
Only, I forgot, and had to find my way back. I had to understand what it truly meant to be human, to experience a full range, from confusion to clarity, from fear to love, from asleep to Awake.
Walking the realms, I treaded a line between wonder and mundanity, unable to remember the other existed when I shifted between. I couldn’t anchor, I was lost and wanted it to end.
But then, something changed. I saw the Oneness in all things and remembered why I came. A new love and appreciation for all that is began to take root, in seeing there is no separation. A bodhisattvic witnessing, that everything is part of a divine plan, recognizing my place in that to share this Awakening with the planet.
A dream came to me. “Follow the synchronicities unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.”A call to adventure so strong I could not resist.
This led me all the way to the roundtable at the Spine of the Dragon, where I met Peter Fae.
“Join me on an adventure through the magical world!” He said, showing me his elvish armor. “You’ll fit right in in Avalon.”
Little did I know what a Quest awaited me...
Across the many rays of a rainbow road, from eco-villages to transformational festivals, from worlds of Faerie to New Earth Temples and beyond, witnessing a Tribe of Light and a grand shift in consciousness.
Its true. That there’s a real magical world. That there’s a reason why we’re here. That dreams come true...We just have learn the way, to read the signs and align with the Divine.
It hasn’t been easy, by any means, facing the shadows of my portion of the collective distortions. But, with the wielding of Akasha Yoga, I have experienced healing and clarity, coming to anchor more deeply in the magical story that is my life.
I’ve come to a place of more access, to the gifts and talents that are mine to share in service to the Awakening. Of my voice, and of my subtle awareness. That my pen may be my sword on this grail Quest of embodying enlightenment, to mend the circle of life and come back to the Garden.
The adventure has just begun.