Blackrock - The City of Dreams


The glyph of Burningman

One of the most well-known of the flicker-realms, the manifestation of Blackrock city and the Burningman festival is a major cauldron of transformational energies, drawing avatars from all tribes from across the globe to participate in an emergent vision of the new World.

In the landscape of myth, Blackrock is truly a city of Dreams, existing in a thin place between what is and what can be.  For this reason, journeywalks across her territories have an almost startling level of synchrony with one’s thoughts and feelings.  Wrought by the hearts and hands of people willing to create a new world, Blackrock is a beacon of transformation across the territories of the surface & subtle worlds.

Seen in the subtle planes, Blackrock has the rare virtue of having high qualities of Ether mixed with Earth, Air and Fire, though is deficient in Water.

This configuration of the ethers of the Akasha mixed with the hard-working efforts of the people to anchor those ideas into the Earth plane, is just part of what gives the City of Dreams her unique luster.

Appearing In – 

Blackrock has appeared in these episodes of the Journey Home

2002 – “Blackrock – Iron & Fire
2003 – “Blackrock – Mark of the Phoenix
2006 – “Blackrock – The Web of Fate
2008 – “Blackrock – Ash & Fire”
2011 – “Blackrock – Tikal – The Djedi Collective
2012 – “Blackrock – Deva by Design
2016 – “Blackrock – Asgard Rising