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Divining the Mythica w/Anya Lei

In Tales & Tellings by Peter Fae

Perhaps my favorite testimonial of the Mythica is from the priestess Anya Lei, witnessed through the art of arriving on the Journey Home during the 2016 festival “Onelove” with Kundra Rose in attendance. Such was a beautiful moment, in which Anya kindly performed her sacred function as a Divinator, offering a reading regarding what was pertinent in my Path at …

2017-7-7 – The Pirate King

In Tales & Tellings by Peter Fae

It was during 2017 – “Love thy Self” that I first encountered Ignacio Quiroga, “The Pirate King”. A seasoned travelers and royal of the Free Folk, I immediately saw that he, like Niekko Chin, Hjeron O’Sidhe, myself and a few others, was the current incarnation of a living legend. A King of the Road, of travel and movement between the …