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Journey Home motivating principle – Peter Fae has a life or death circumstance.  He must learn to control the shifting patterns in his mind or be lost in madness.  To heal this, he goes on an epic journey, which changes the shape of his consciousness and reveals the real magickal World.  A gift within his suffering that he was unaware of.
It is extremely difficult for him and he goes through all manner of isolation and confusion, constantly forgetting himself and having to pick up the pieces of his shifting self.

…….2015 – Everything comes to a head.  Peter must know face the splinters and distortions within himself that he has been avoiding, working on the more Heavenly aspects of his perception (going with his strength).  Yet now, he must use what he has to construct the next level of the Mythica with the intention of using it to *arrive* at last, in the Commonwealth.  He knows what he is envisioning, and realizes that he must continue with the spell.

2016 – Example – The woman he thought was the answer leaves, his wolf is dying ,he has little money.  Still, he is driven on the Quest, knowing that he must change the inner landscape in order to change the outer.  Not knowing anything else, he continues forward on the Quest, heading southwards towards the City of Angels.  It is here that he will encounter Excalibur at last

2018 – He realizes that he is living the epic Story, the very archetype of the thing.  He is in the Realized position, and is presenting the Mythica to the World, returned to the very realms of Faerie that he traveled through the Underlands

In the comic, Peter is showing Yeshua the rainbow road as a primary, and focusing into the five elements, explaining how most systems use four but the Akasha is difficult to see.  We go into the substance of form, essentially paralleling the energies of the physics of the quest in comic book form, in a dialogue reminiscent of Promethea (and we give shout-outs to Promethea in this way) as well as going deep into a ‘breaking the fourth wall’ experience.
We move through the forms they start with into the formless and then back again, with them being almost washed away by the rainbow river, losing cohesion on their forms, only to regain it again whilst crossing the river into another realm
In the Mythica comic, rather than the idea of referencing the city from where Sophie/Promethea comes from, we are actually showing windows with photos and videos into the surface perception of the material plane, linking into the Characters of the Mythica
This comic, of course, is hyperlinked directly into the Mythica website, as well as having animations.  For this reason (at this point of knowledge-of-industry & delivery) it makes sense to delivery it in an iBook or similar, or (at some point) in Adobe Publish online for a more streamlined browser experience
**** best would be the comic delivered through the custom Mythica iOS/android app, which also animates the Mythica compass and other bits, and leads the Readers into the Mythica compass oracle app

Peter and Yeshua walk along the rainbow road, weaving through a series of images.  They are speaking, discussing the nature of What Is.  Peter is explaining things to Yeshua.  It is the classic Adept – Student relationship, in which Peter is escorting Yeshua through the realms.  A vast starscape hangs in the background, with individual stars and lines connecting the stars.  The sense of depth perspective is deep, with some stars appearing closer and others further away, the rainbow road moving in-between them.
Yeshua (looking around) – “What are we walking on?”
Peter – “This is the rainbow bridge.  The passage between the locus points of the Akasha”
Yeshua – (eyes wide) – “It’s beautiful.”
Peter – “Yes, she is.”
They continue along the bridge.  As we move towards the end of the page, things begin to form.  There is an illustrative bleed, leading the Reader into the next pages.  Foliage creeps in from the edge of the panel.

A close-up perspective of ripples moving through the field.  The implication is that this is an impression creatred by the droplet of water falling from Heaven to Earth.  As the ripple cascades outwards behind the various panels of the page, it slowly starts to show the ghostly images of trees, buildings, people and other objects of the Surface plane of awareness

Peter looks at Yeshua.  Yeshua does not see what Peter is seeing, yet from Peter’s eyes, Yeshua has vast angelic wings, and is glowing with golden light.  An image of a crown is hazy above his head, implying that he has not yet Realized this thing about himself.  Musical notes swirl around him in a halo around his head or body? The perspective is Peter in the foreground looking at Yeshua in the background.  They are standing on the rainbow road

Peter’s face is in the top left foreground, framing his head.  His eyes are glowing with Shivic fire.  Panels move across the backdrop, showcasing the pair moving through a number of differnet realms of being.  In the backdrop, we see an overview of the planet.  The sense is that Peter is looking over the circumstance of the World.
Peter – “Things are so much more than they seem.  What we perceive as separate events are part of a beautiful and glorious unfoldment.  A pattern, wrought into the very fabric of the World.”
Yeshua – “I think I see it.  It keeps flickering in and out.”
(Here we can use an animated GIF or similar, to show the images flowing in and out of visual presentation)

(Example of animation idea)

Close-up of Yeshua, holding the Mythica compass in his hand.  This moves into panels showing Peter and Yeshua rummaging through what seems like a trove of treasures which they had found their way into while at the Magician’s Oasis, occuring through the Underlands as a mystical oasis within a desertscape
Peter – “Yeah .. that’s important.”
Yeshua – “What is it?”
Peter – “It’s a compass.  To help navigate one’s way through the Mythica.”

Peter & Yeshua are hovering on a cloud (which in the previous pages has floated them above the realms on the cushion of AIR (one of the Five Elements).  Peter is expressing the witnessing of their pathlines from a higher perspective, and is discussin the nature of the Akasha, the rainbow road, and their passage.  We see smaller version of the two walking through an archetypical landscape which has manifestations of their Path.  Subtly, we feel the energies of the Underlands

The two are walking towards a great, gigantic Tree along the rainbow road.  The Path is taking them through the forest, to the World Tree.  We are getting a feelnig of them moving through a green landscape in the Underlands, with the World Tree looming in the distance.  It is the goal.  They are walking towards the tree, and stopping on the path for dialogue and encounters with characters who shall offer wisdom

Yeshua goes into his Aspect, and we see a flurry fo geometric images, of tress and of harmonics of Wwater, of ancient temples and djedi allies, showing up in the Underlands as he describes his Quest through the Mythica in a series of dialogue boxes along the Path

Peter – “No.  Vibration is the true language.  What things play out as on the surface is relative to the gravities of the people.”

They are back on the Earth plane, seemingly.  Peter is explaining how he sees the archetypical energies of the Underlands which are more constnat.  We see the people, then see a superimposed (or behind the self) image of their archetypical nature 
Yeshua – “So everyone is like this?”
Peter – “Pretty much.  Everyone is made of the base elements, and those make up the pantheons.”
Yeshua – “So we are LITERALLY the Gods and the Goddesses”
Peter nods.  “Yeah.  That’s the Revelation in a nutshell.”

Yeshua – “How did you learn about this stuff?”
A flurry of archetypical superhoes flies by overhead.  We see images of the Grail, of Thor’s hammer, of Excalibur.  AS they walk, we see Peter’s backstory, a World of comics and references from that continuum
Peter – “Oh … comics were the only thing I could relate to.  See, I was born with siddhic awareness”
Yeshua – “What?”
Peter – “It was like a superpower.  I couldn’t really relate to society as people knew it.  So I learned, over time, to navigate the World I lived within.”
Peter – “Fictions were never really fictions to me.  In fact, they were more real than so-called regular people.”

Peter – “Everyone wants to get to Heaven on Earth”
Yeshua – “What stops them?”
Peter – “I wouldn’t say stop.  More like a divine delay”

They are wandering through a desertscape, the territories of the Underlands keep changing along the rainbow road, and we are sometimes (though perhaps not in this layout) showing them mirrored along the path, implying the mirror reflection of the Water and the natural elements.  As always, the focus is on the PRIME ELEMENTS, the Underlands, the Rainbow Road, the Akasha, World Tree, rather than systems like Kaballah, Egypt, etc.   WE are coming from a more elemental basis, and really emphasizing our relationship with the natural world

A starscape rises above them, featuring a kind of superimposed celestial arrangement of the various Characters of the Mythica ( ex – Hjeron O’Sidhe, Adam Apollo, James Vogel, Noah McLain, North, Peter Fae, Dakota Chanel, Anna Bliss, Jesse & Raven, etc.) in a pantheon / columns, greco-roman yet with a curving backdrop of stars matching the curve of the room.  Here, we are seeing the Divine essences of the beings as they occur in the “higher” planes while also having their avatars on Earth
Yeshua – “Do I … do I have an Aspect here?”
Peter smiles.  They move into another section of the galactic temple-space.  Here is an Aspect of Yeshua, surrounded by sacred geometries, plants.  It is a quiet, sanctified space.  Yeshua’s avatar sits here, meditating.  There are musical instruments everywhere.  It is a very Zen space.  The overall feelnig is one of Harmony.
Yeshua – “Wow.  I look so … serene” 
As before, Peter and Yeshua’s characaters are still walking the rainbow road, yet they are looking up at the much larger celestial version of themselves and their allies.  As they walk into the temple-space that houses Yeshua’s Aspect, we see a close-up of Yeshua’s face, his eyes widening,  appreciating himself.  As the panels progress, tears of Joy stream down his face.
Yeshua – “I never … I never imagined I could be so beautiful” 
2016 – “God Loves You”
Here we have an epic emotional sequence of Peter leaving North, remarking to Yeshua that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see North again …
Yeshua has great difficult facing the need for food.  Dialogue ensues, Peter expresses (from experience) that this is the modern-day version of the Quest …

2018 – Magician’s Oasis
Peter & Yeshua face the trials of feeling abandoned by the collective, of being angry and frustrated with the earth plane, and having barely enough resource to exist.  We move between images of the adventure as it is happening on the surface plane and as it is happening in the underlands, showcasing the movemetn through a starry cityscape, moving through shadows and distortions in a desert (on many levels)

They are walking.  Peter is showing his camera to Yeshua.  A flurry of images, like papers thrown by the wind, move across the layout.  All are actual photos from the Jouney Home, which when clicked out, show the full photo on-screen.  They are in a more Earth-type environment, near a large tree.  Talking.  Just getting on the movement deeper into the Underlands. Essentially. Yeshua is asking and Peter is explaining how he used the photos to witness the events, which eventually led into the topography of the Mythica.  Over the next pages we shall see a rain of photos, which transform into points of light and act as portals into a new viewpoint on reality

In this spread, Peter is discussing the origins of his movement along the Rainbow Road.  The relationship with the Goddess and the beings of avalon.  We see him moving through an animated latticework of Water, and witness a progression of his movement through shadow, falling, and ending up in the palm of the Goddess, a knight-errant in service to Avalon

Peter – “I was lost.  Wandering.  Everything was shifting.  Yet then I heard a voice, soft like thunder….”

In this panel, the pair have just entered the numinous space of the Underlands.  Peter is sharing with Yeshua on the nature of the underlands and how they relate to the surface plane of awareness.
Yeshua – “Where are we?”
Peter – “Underneath.”
Yeshua – “Underneath what?”
Peter – “The surface of the World.  This is the Underlands.  The realm of impressions.  Deeper and more causal than what things appear to be on the surface of things.  It is the realm of karmas, dharmas, and mythos.  The realm of Story.”
Yeshua – “Is it … it feels different” 
Yeshua is examining his hands and body.  As they are walking, their forms are taking on more of an archetypical aspect, more visually presented in their mythos

Peter is recounting his experiences as a childe, realizing that his reaction to Yeshua’s gentleness and softness is his own sense of being denied the opportunity to be that way.  Here, he goes through an emotional process of this Realization about their relationship and a release, in whcih he falls to one knee, crying, and is embraced nad held by Yeshua, their positions reversed.
Peter – “I … that wasn’t ordained for me.”
Yeshua – (softly, wary) – “That must have been hard.”
Peter – “Harder than you can imagine.”
(Add more dialogue)
After the tears, Peter stands up again, insistent upon the Quest.  His eyes burn with Shivic Fire as he stasnds, evaporating the tears into smoke.  We are led to wonder, is he truly resolved and at peace with what has happened in service to the Quest?
Yeshua – “Are you sure you’re okay?”
Peter – “I’m better than I was.  Come on.  The Quest continues.”

Peter – “I just wanted it to stop.  For the hammering to stop.”Yeshua – “So what did you do?”
Peter’s eyes darken, taking on a deeper reddish tint.  There is a military-grade energy about him, almost on the edge of menace.
Peter – “I pushedback.”
Peter is telling of his origins, how he felt overwhelmed by the vibrations, constantly hit by the vibrations.  Not knowing what else to do and drowning in the splinters, he resolves that must fight back with everything he has for his very sanity and safety.
The scene shows a flashback of sorts, where Peter is describing the act of pushing back as a spartan warrior, digging his heels into the ground.  We see a panel with a close up of his face, a spartan helmet upon it, his body deeply muscled and lean, as he pushes back physically, which is also energetically, sending vibrations barreling back at what he feels is an endless assault.

SCENE – They are walking through what seems like an underwater expanse, yet they are truly moving through the liquidity of the Akasha.  Subtly, the rainbow road is beneath their feet, though blurry, seen underwater.  Here, we see the various impressions, the mythologies and forms of the Incarnate plane playing out, while Peter describes these as what they are, impressions/ripples in the substance of the Akasha.

What we’re implying here is that the various images and impressions in the “water” of the AKasha, which play out as various civilizations, mythologies, Stories,e tc. Are all just impressions within the substance.  This will eventually lead into the understanding of the self as an expression of those Stories (vis a vis the Physics of the Quest)
This is part of the deeper introduction into the Akasha, which leads into the elements, led to by the pair going on the Path, the rainbow road, through various realms in the first stages of the journey

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