Witness the Awakening. Step through the Story. Enter the real magical World.

A word from Peter Fae

Hey I’m Peter Fae. The Creator of Into the Mythica. Welcome to Lores & Legends. Your portals into the infinite Universe of the Mythica.

So … The Storybooks and Grimoire’s are the nougat of the Mythica for me. What I’ve spent more than 17 years building to share the magical World.

And … the way of creating the Storybooks and the Grimoire’s has JUST Opened for me deeply and EVERYTHING is growing beneath my fingers. Being built and updated in the Now as I weave together the Mythica.

That being said, I’m Led to share. There’s a beauty in allowing the witnessing of the process. To invite the eyes of the curious. Where every moment things expand and the Mythica moves from inspiration to bloom.

Every day I am “painting in” the Grimoire’s and the Storybooks. Weaving them into the armature of the Mythica. As allies, you get to see the process. To witness the creation. To read my articles and interact as the portal comes to form. Where we will show the application of the magic of walking the rainbow road to Heaven on Earth.

In this way You are invited to see the Mythica unfolding. To talk and to share as we remember together.

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Note – These are the grimoire’s the Mythica. The presentation of the various aspects of the real magical World and yoga of Story. Like the Storybooks, they are deeply under construction as I paint and sculpt their portal into the architecture of the Mythica.

You are invited then, to witness their unfoldment alongside the Storybooks, to see the portal blossoming into being.


These are the portals into the people, places and events of the magical World. The mystical Storybook featuring the avatars that have appeared on the sacred Quest of witnessing the New World. Showcasing our shared adventures from the perspective of the Great Story.

GRIMOIRES – Books on the Nature of the Mystic Arts