Coming to a Brighter World

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We are all coming back to the mythical reality that is our birthright.

In yogic terms this refers to ongoing access to the “mystical” and “siddhic” version of reality.  We learn to clear the
detritus from our lens of perception that we may experience the robust and expansive reality that is always there, waiting to be discovered.  In the simplest of ways, this is our Quest, to come back to the magick and wonder that waits to be seen with clear eyes.

In the context of the Mythica and our own “Journey Home”, this is the shift in our manifest reality that happens when we clear the patterns within our inner Selves, a proof that through doing the inner work, we change the ‘outer’ reality.  Such is the very real movement across the realms of myth, where we come to understand that the realm of Abundance, the realm of Wonder, is ALWAYS there, merely requiring the cleansing of our lens to perceive it’s true nature.

Yet how do we clear the lens? On our Quest there are many solutions, all of which will appear on our Path in accordance with the physics of the quest.  As we move through our Life, the right Ideas, the right People and Solutions, the right Trials and Tribulations will arrive, all serving the deeper goal of facilitating our Awakening.  For some, this will take the form of meditation.  For others, a realtionship with the sacred medicines.  For still others, it may be a series of relationships with ‘others’, or something else entire.  Yet throughout all these transient forms, there is a constant to which we must hold fast, that all these things serve us, part of a friendly Universe designed to help us Awaken.  It is the challenge of the mortal condition to forget, to lose sight of the Truth – that God is Good, that everything is trying to help us, that we live in a Universe that is both impersonal and deeply, intrinsically personal, depending on our point of view.

The Mythica was designed to assist this.  To provide a beacon of Remembrance, a lighthouse, to remind us of the Path when we fall once more into the amnesia and sleep from which we are gradually Awakening.  Such is the purpose of my own Journey Home, to illuminate this movement across the real realms of myth and magick and provide a proof of the techniques I used to Awaken, and provide a framework for Your adventure, that we may all come to realize the magickal World that waits to be Seen with clear eyes.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's page in the Mythica multiverse.

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