Compassion is the Answer.

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The answer is always compassion. To avoid triggering the wound; to navigate past the reactions and the denials; is compassion. Does one want to be forced into such a position? To always have to be kind and loving towards beings
and experience when one would rather they, and the self; were even more evolved; existing in the harmony that comes from such evolution? Of course. Always.

Yet it is like dealing with a wounded; screaming child. Demanded to be sweet towards them; demanded to be kind and accommodating; as they grow, still screaming; still wounded; into adult bodies. Tolerating, or even deeper, accepting the confusion that is being human.

In the end, it is the energetics that beings react from. The feeling of dismissal or disgust versus the feeling of inclusion and being cherished. One observes the effect of avatars like Amma Chi; who offer only succor to this wounded self; triggering no defensive patterns.

One asks, is this the price of maturity? How does one exist in a manifestation of honour and trust, of awareness and camaraderie? Best movement is the application of the Law; that we encounter that which we are made of. Suggesting that if we ourselves are clear, are honourable; are loving; and radiate such; that we encounter the same within the Field of our experience.

There may be beings that enjoy working with suffering; with the inevitable result of still-evolving awareness. I’m not one of them. A beautiful world for me is one where there is a basic level of honour; a basic level of self-awareness; and the aspiration to change. Indulging the reactions of the ego in the name of ‘compassion’; does it really HAVE to be? Or is there a way to manifest a better, cleaner World around the gravity of the Self?

Having compassion is holding an energetic stance. A watery feeling; an acceptance; a holding of one’s tongue; a silence of one’s discernment. Knowing; but not ‘pointing out’. Having compassion for ‘others’, having compassion for the ‘self’ within the ‘human condition’; a condition of still-evolving and confused awareness; a condition of reactions; of ego; of self-esteem and of accommodation.

The healing of the wound; my own wound; is the healing of what it means to BE human. The work; the delusions. The patterns. The shifting. The very NEED to cleanse oneself in order to simply be clear enough to act rightly. The very VEIL that prevents us from seeing clearly; * creating * the conditions in which one must cleanse themselves.

It is a truth that we are all in a state of Change. Of personal and communal evolution. That we are the Divine; in various stages of it’s own awareness of itself. Such things define the very progression from ignorance to seeking; from seeking to Realization.

One watches behaviours; patterns of thought and action; all wrought from this fundamental awareness (or lack thereof). How does one move through these to a fulfilling life? How does one present the Gift of awareness to the unaware, in a manner that is both humble and encouraging? How does one achieve their desires in this place?

This is the journey.

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