Connecting with the Deva

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The Deva-Kami all are around us.  Elemental beings, intelligent guardians and denizens of the Subtle planes that lay beneath the shallows of Surface awareness.  They are known by many names through the impermanences of culture and tradition; ‘faeries’, ‘angels’, ‘kami’, ‘orbs’, and a host of others.  However, though they are called many things; these very real, living entities are everywhere, made of the very elements that we encounter in our lives.  Our connection with them, our relationship and sanctity of the Land which we share; has a direct affect on our personal Abundance and Vitality; for in the end, our human bodies are MADE of Deva.  Made of the very elements of the Mother.  Such is a simple distinction that is often missed on the Surface plane of awareness.

All across the Mythica; there are many individuals who are more aware of these species of being, who have cultivated and continue to cultivate relationship with them.  Such is a profound deepening, and an accelerate to one’s Quest for realization; for as we come to see the larger aspects of the Worlds, we come to see the larger aspects of our own Selves.  It is inevitable.

This photo was witnessed during my journey to the Fairy Congress; a gathering focusing on the relationship with these beings held in a rural and remote location in the northwestern territories of the Americas.  Here, in the light, they show themselves in orbs of deep colour.

Ultimately, all our experiences in the Incarnate plane funnel through our lens of perception.  Though the Deva are always present, always part of our lives, in the flowers, in the trees; in the wind through our hair; and they are always speaking to us; offering information; offering reflections to our sacred Path that we may come to Victory; many beings are not even aware that they exist.

As we take steps deeper into the Mythica; we come to see the much larger World that exists beyond the Surface.  We come to appreciate the elements, and with them, the intelligence of Nature that wishes to help us return Home to the Garden that is our birthright.

(photo witnessed during “2015 – The Fairy Congress” in the Myth of Peter Fae)

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