Physics of the Quest
Akasha - The Canvas of our Stories

Divine Intelligence - The Original Will

Everything starts somewhere.  Our Universe, the blessed Creation through which we get to experience our sacred Story, rising from the Creator of all things, the Source of the Idea which dances it’s infinite fractals across the skein of space and time.

To envision this, consider a blank canvas.  Infinite.  Without ripples or penstrokes.  Empty.  Formless.  This is the substance of form before the Big Bang.

Now imagine a single Idea, that of a Universe of inspirations and interconneced Wonders, appearing on that canvas.  As it does, see it fractal outwards into a infinite variety of iterations, all small fragments of the one great Idea, fulfilling their part in the revelation of the much greater whole.

Such is the Original Will, the voice of the Creator singing the tone of opening the stage of our Stories.  The origin of the impressions which ripple through the once-blank canvas of the Akasha, forming all the relationships that have or will ever be across the tableau of space, time, and depth of being.  It is this Divine intelligence that gives rise to the endless variety of experiences we have in the human condition, intrinsically connected through the most subtle of gravities in our journey back Home.

Time, Space and the Octaves of Being

What’s your position? The coordinates of spacetime

Now that we understand the construction of objects in the material plane (including our selves), let’s take a look at how these things are positioned within the larger firmament of the Creation, with a focus on our sacred Path.

Time, Space, and the Octaves of being are the fundamentals of the mortal condition.  In the context of the Akasha and it’s expression through the World Tree, these three components of spacetime form the basis for both one’s current locus point and the synchronicity upon one’s path with other aspects of the Self.  In essence, they track Where you are, When you are, and Who you are being at any given moment.  They are the vertices by which the coordinates of our current position may be expressed.

While our true essence, that of awareness having a human experience through it’s current Character remains unaffected by the ideas of Time and Space, that little self is DEFINED by the progression from birth to death.  Such forms the thread of it’s timeline within a singular lifetime as well as the deeper threadwork across the Akasha of that soul’s progression through many selves, many Characters, in the inevitable alchemy of it’s movement towards Realization.

Coming to look deeply at the nature of our mortal experience WITHIN the context of timespace and the unfoldment allows us to see the context by which our Quest, and thus the meaning of our current Life, unfolds.  It is in this way that we develop a deep appreciation for the preciousness of our human condition and an understanding of the interweaving synchronicities that play out across the timeline of our Story within the context of the Great Story of which it is a part, all seen within the context of the defining agents of mortal existence.


Time defines the movement of our self from birth to death.    Without time, there would be no music.  no rhythm, no progression, no melody.  It is time that gives us this precious gift, an integral part of the canvas upon which our Story, and the song of our soul, may be heard.


As a principle of the material plane, space means far more than one’s apparent physical location.  In it’s deeper revelation, this also refers to one’s ‘headspace’ or their ‘heartspace’, the relative locus points of their beingness from one moment to another, as well as all shamanic and yogic states of being.  It is literally being ‘in that space’.

As we witness our pathlines through the Creation, we expand our definition of space to include these subtle realms, an understanding which gives rise to the recognition of our inner World, the underlands of our subtle self.


The third component of spacetime is the Octave, also known as the frequency of your vibration.  Octaves are the way in which the various patterns (or ‘melodies’) of the human condition occur.  As a general progression of movement towards self-realization, being exist in different octaves of their own being at different points in space and time.  When we are deeper in the embodied and clarified version of ourself, we are living at a higher octave.  When we exist in the muddier and more confused version, we are at a lower octave of frequency.

Such is the way in which the melody of our life, and it’s movement along the rainbow bridge of it’s own colors, may be seen.

Synchronicity – The Map of our Stories

Classically, synchronicity is seen as events happening simultaneously that hold a sense of significance, sometimes seen as “coincidental”, or without cause. In the physics of Quest, we look at the causal connection that defines such moments of interweaving destiny in the diorama of our Story.

Synchronicity plays a huge part in the understanding of our sacred Quest and it’s meaning.  It is the underlying threadwork of cause and effect which appears on the surface of perception as our circumstance, and is mapped by the Authors of the Mythica to divine and reveal the nature of all Stories.

As we travel upon our Quest, synchronicity becomes a moment when we realize howthings connect. Approached at depth, it reveals the deeper meaning that lay beneath the surface of our stories. It is always going on, our ability to perceive its happening and divine its significance depends on the octave of depth at which we are entering.

In the context of the heroic journey, these events of synchronistic significance form the melody of meaning that defines our path.  Meaning that depending on the progression of our locus, an intersection of a particular coordinate of conditions in the Akasha, we reveal the very meaning of our life. This plays out as our journey across places, characters and qualities on our path, and is related to our very sense of self definition.

In this context, we see synchronicity as everyday magick, subtle signs and cues of divine intelligence and confluence.  Looking from the vantage of the Akasha, synchronicity occurring over time-space forms the very golden thread of our storyline.

As Author-Adventurers, this is what we are tracking to reveal our timeline, the raw content that forms the publishing of our stories. In the yoga of story, we look at these events of meaning on our path to reveal the progression of our heroic journey.  This is why we track the Underlands of our story, paying close attention to the subtlety of meaning playing out as archetypical energies under the surface of our circumstance and how this plays out in the Law of Reflection.

How this relates to Collective Consciousness

We are all connected. There is no separation. This applies directly to our storylines and their progression across the Akasha. Look at the image above, each intersection forms a node of synchronicity, dots that connect our timelines within the Akasha and it’s expression through the World Tree.
The moments that connect us are meaningful.  Each precious moment of intersection is part of the orchestration of the Divine plan playing out through the minutia of our lives.

Seen from the vantage of the Akasha, these threads form a weave of synchrony between the constellation of our shared unfoldment.  In the context of mapping the Mythica, looking at the synchronicity that connects our lives reveals the contours of our collective destiny.

As we travel deeper into the Mythica, our awareness of this deepens, revealing the very meaning of our lives and the shared topography of our collective Awakening, the Great Story.

In the context of our media broadcast, we focus on these connections and how they play out across the timescape of our collective unfoldment, revealing our shared consciousness and the meaning that connects us all.

Here, the tracking of our Author’s timelines become the witnessed threads of their personal movement through circumstance which, when woven together, reveal the much larger causality of our shared circumstance.Think Cloud Atlas, a diorama of shared unfoldment, of karma and dharma, of pattern and destiny, occurring across the skein of the Akasha towards the revelation of our own Self.

Timelines in the Mythica

Now that we understand the idea of our Characters movement through the locus points of spacetime we come to the way we string those events together – the timeline.

Timelines meeting at episodes in the Mythica

As we read the Stories of the Authors of the Mythica, it is their timeline that we follow, and in doing so, come to appreciate more deeply the progression of our own timeline through experience.

Our timeline, and the unfoldment of the many timelines of our Characters in the Great Story, has a special place within the Mythica.   As Author’s applying and demonstrating the physics of the Quest, our timeline is the spine of our Story, our movement across the circumstances of our lives and our progression to the manifest reality (or “locus point”) of expansion and Abundance.

As we do this, witnessing our timeline and correlating the *timing* of changing conditions along our Path, we present the stage by which the progression of self-realization may be witnessed and the much larger reality of our Unified consciousness may be demonstrated.  Here, the autobiography of our journey of awareness becomes a teaching model for the natural laws that govern all Stories, linking into the timelines of other Characters and their unique thread of the Great Story.

Locus Points – The Map of the Multiverse

“The Locus of your Focus is what gives you Hocus Pocus”

All realities exist at some point in space, time, and the depth of one’s relationship to the Creation, manifesting as a set of conditions around the prism of one’s current lens of self.

This set of conditions is known as a locus point, a coordinate relative to the infinite variety of potential conditions within the manifestation of the Akasha/World Tree.  This is not a small concept, but the very basis for ALL realities, which are defined as the arrangement of conditions a locus point.

This is deeply important to understand in terms of your sacred Quest.  Whatever your current reality manifests as is a locus point.  A position within Time, Space, and the Octave of your being.  To travel to a new reality is to move from one locus point to another.

The gravity of the situation

Witnessed at the most subtle level of perception before the dissolution back into the formless, form, which exists in the material plane, has mass.  And that mass has a gravity which affects the substance of the Akasha that surrounds it, bending the potential of that canvas to it’s gravitational pull.

From this perspective, the mass of having consciousness in the form of a self, also known as having having a physical form made of the prime elements, has gravity.  And that gravity exerts an effect on the akasha that surrounds it, essentially bending the formlessness into a temporary configuration of the five prime elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Akasha).  Seen in this way, the light of awareness pours through the self, whose gravity causes it to live in the exactitude of it’s own current substance.  Such is the basis for the idea that we “live in the hologram of our own consciousness”, seen at depth.

This assemblage of the primal elements is both what forms the definition of our current self *and* the circumstances of it’s manifest reality, defined as ‘conditions’ around the locus point, or gravity point, of our current state of being.  This is the basis for understanding the nature of all potential realities.  We literally live within the reflection of our own substance of consciousness.

This configuration of form is a locus point, which exists within a set of conditions generated by the mass of itself.  Locus points are the coordinates of the multiverse, which, seen from a unified field perspective, is the UNI-verse experienced at a multitude of positions.  They are the organizational point of one’s current reality.

Understanding Travel between Realities

All realities are coordinates within the Akasha, manifest through the World Tree of the material plane.

Understanding this is key, for it is the clay from which the many realms we may travel to in the Mythica are made.  When considering the Akasha as the space in which things happen, different realities are understood to exist at specific coordinates within that space, known as locus points (as in, “locus points in the Akasha”).

This is analogous to moving through a wormhole of positions, in which each potential node is connected to an endless series of timelines covering through the various conditions of space, time and depth of being.  If we use the animation above as an example, the various points of light would be the locus points, whereas the actual movement between those points would be the rainbow bridge, a movement between one’s potential realities within the Akasha/World Tree.

Yet while ALL potential realities exist within the spacetime of the Akasha, the current physical reality, the reflection of that ‘Heaven’ in the material plane of Earth, is known as the World Tree.

This is the understanding that we may travel to many imaginative and etheric realms, all of which are locus points within the Akasha, yet the version of those realms we travel to in the physical plane, in the ‘world’ is the World Tree.This relates directly to the concept of the rainbow bridge, which in the context of the Mythica is action of traveling between locus points within the World Tree of the Akasha.

(An example of the path of one’s rainbow bridge through many loci (locus points) through the World Tree)

In this context, our personal rainbow bridge, which is formed from the substance of our elemental configuration, is a journey through locus points in the akasha.  When we understand that ALL things are the Self in various loci of conditions, we see that by changing the energies within the self, we change our reality.  We shift between sets of conditions, all of which arrange around the central axis of our current mass of self and the gravity of it’s manifestation.

How this relates to your Path and the understanding of the landscape of all realities

Most beings want to shift the conditions of their lives.  To transform their circumstance from one set of conditions to another.  When we do the yogas of change and personal alchemy, we change the qualities and quantities of the primal elements that make up our current self, which in turn changes the mass and thus the gravity, which produces a new halo of manifestation.  This change in conditions is a shift in one’s locus point.  One’s coordinate position within the multiverse of all potential realities within the manifest akasha of the World Tree.

Akasha - The Canvas of our Experience

All form, and thus all realities (or ‘realms’) within the Creation are made of the same primal substance, known as Akasha.

Akasha is consciousness itself seen as a primal clay, the starstuff from which all Worlds, from which all realities are made.  It is the Fifth element, the elemental principle that gives birth to all other elements and their endless movement through the spacetime of it’s substance.  In the mixture of these five elements, that of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Akasha (spacetime/ether/embodied awareness) one experiences all the conditions of material existence.  It is most subtle level of form before it dissolves back into the formlessness from whence it came, the initial place where the infinite intelligence of the Divine pours through into being.  It is form itself.  The substance of which the awareness is aware.

Akasha has an aspect that is transcendent of the other four elements.  It is the base element from which the other four emerge.  Eventually, after an infinity of changes, the base elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire dissolve back into the Akasha from which they were made.  Akasha is a meta-substance, that exists in the event horizon between form and formlessness itself.

Akasha is the context in which the phenomena known as ‘space’ and ‘time’ occurs, containing within it’s substance ALL potential events that have happened, are happening, or will ever happen in the Worlds of form.

It is the backdrop in which all events, that ever were or ever will be, happen for it is the substance of form itself.  It is the place where all timelines of all beings that will ever exist may be witnessed, and requires the highest levels of discernment and subtlety to perceive.

As the backdrop for all events, the Akasha is the initial point where Divine intelligence manifests in the World of form, setting the tone for the impressions that define the various Ages of the Universe in it’s cycle of expansion and contraction.  As this inertia coalesces through the primal elements, it forms the threads of interconnected cause and effect that underlie the synchronicities of our lives.

The Akasha is the canvas for the Akashic records, the timelines of our various selves and our shared part in the Great Story of our Divine unfoldment.  It is the context within which the endless play of cause and effect move through the material plane.

The Akasha and the World Tree

Fundamental to the journey to a brighter reality is understanding the relationship between the Akasha and the World Tree.  While the Akasha contains all impressions and manifestations that will ever happen, human reality occurs within the context of our current self and it’s relationship to time and space.

As Divine intelligence moves into form, the energetic imprint of that intention forms from the substance of the Akasha woven from the prime elements, crystallizing into the many states of being that define the material plane.In this way, we witness the Akasha and the World Tree as the same pattern, expressed in it’s quality of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’.  They are different ways of looking at the same phenomena that change depending on where one looks from.

In the simplest form, the Akasha is the canvas of ALL spacetime, where and when all events happen.  The World Tree is how they are occurring now, in the physical plane.  While the Akasha is the space within which all past and future lives and their connections occur, there is a present Now that we are experiencing the mortal condition.

That Nowness, that “beingness”, of being awareness inhabiting a body in it’s current Character, made of the incarnate plane and the rootwork of synchronicities and interconnected patterns that defines it’s experience in the material plane, is the World Tree.

The Surface & the Subtle – Depths of Awareness

As we make the journey into the magical World, we move through layers of awareness.  This is very much like digging for buried treasure within the self where the treasure is a deeper and more expansive version of your reality.

To understand the magickal World and travel to the realms of Abundance requires an understanding of the nature of awareness and it’s relationship to the reality in which we live.

Spiritual truth always follows the patterns of Nature, for Nature is the very definition of our reality.  In this context, the models we use to describe our reality can be used across the board.

As you can see in this illustration, we would describe the layers of the Earth in a very gross physical way, presenting the ‘surface’, the ‘crust’ and the various atmospheres leading to the core of the planet as we currently understand it.  Such is a beautiful way of modeling part of the substance of our blessed planet.

As a way of looking at the depths of movement towards the core of the Earth, we can use this same idea to model the ways in which our awareness of our own self and the conditions of our circumstance may move from the surface to the subtle depths of our inner core.

In this case, we are presenting a movement of awareness, an ever-deepening perception of the subtle and then causal vibrations that make up our experience.  As we do this, we gain an ever-brightening recognition of the real World of magick and wonder that is our birthright.

As we make the journey into the Mythica, we are learning to relate with the World on ever-deepening levels of subtlety.  To understand and perceive that mystic octave, we must always remember that we are always looking at the same thing, only at different depths of perception.

Layers of perceiving the SAME object

You are always looking at the same thing, from different depths  of perception.

 Just as we cannot see the deeper layers of the Earth without actively digging down, we have no idea what lay in the depths of our potential.  Like explorers searching for buried treasure, we must trust that there is more beneath the surface than we can currently perceive and do the work to transform our perception such that we may reach the Abundance within.

The Surface

Just as the Earth has a surface layer, so does our perception.  This is the most obvious layer of perception, to which all beings have consistent access.  It is literally how things appear on the surface.

The Subtle

Beneath the surface of our perception lay the subtle realms of awareness.  The vast territory of vibrational impressions that manifest through the ever-changing forms as they appear on the surface.  Here, we see the archetypical energies that underlie our experience, the myths and divinities, the energies and spellworks that define our deeper human experience.  At this level, we see, more deeply, the aspects of the Divine that embody through our selves.Just like digging towards the center of the Earth, there are many layers to the subtle perception of reality.  It is a movement into our own Nature, which, like the Ocean and it’s unfathomable depths, is as vast as the Universe itself.

This is the entry to the Mythica.  The real magical World.

The Causal

As the Path continues, we go even deeper.  Into the threads of our interconnection, the synchronicities of cause and effect.  It is here we gain vision of the Great Story, the interweaving of our many Stories as the much larger tapestry of Life.

This is the depth in which we may view the World Tree, the interplay of relationships and sacred purpose which defines our shared journey.

The Prime Qualities (The Deva Realms)

As we walk the Path deeper into the subtle realms, form itself dissolves into it’s component parts.  At this depth of perception, The vibrational impressions within the substance of reality are seen  as made of the five primal elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Akasha.

The Akasha

At the deepest level of perception lay the Akasha.  The primal substance of form.  That of consciousness itself, viewed as a sculptural medium.  It is the most subtle of the elements, giving context to the other four.  It is the context for form itself.  That of which awareness is aware.  The Akasha is known by many names, such as ‘Shakti’, ‘The Goddess’, ‘The Universe’, and others.

Formlessness, the Infinite

Beyond the dissolution of form itself lay the formless.  The infinite emptiness of Source that gives rise to all form.  Perceived as the embodiment of formlessness, this is the essence of God.  As we make the heroic journey to unity with the Divine and the abundance that comes with that, this is our goal.

The Primal Qualities

The Elements of Form

As Akasha coalesces into form, it crystallizes into the vibrational qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Akasha.  Each embodies a primal suchness of vibration required for the creation of all form in the material plane.
Elementally, all form in the Universe is made of various qualities and quantities of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha (Spirit, or Ether).  All manifestations whether gross or subtle are composed of these in various configurations across the canvas of spacetime.  It is the structure upon which the manifest Universe is built.

From this perspective, all form, no matter how subtle, is composed of these five basic qualities.  Meaning, our thoughts, beliefs, the various impressions that create our mythologies and cultural ideologies and their architecture, the very underpinnings of mortal experience have a basis in the elemental World.Everything is made of the primal qualities.  Everything.  All aspects of our experience from the subtle to the surface of our perception, is made from this substance, occurring in varying configurations of itself.  It is these configurations which make up the multitude of forms within the Creation.

The Intelligent Universe

As an expression of Divine intelligence manifesting through form, there is a fundamental consciousness which moves through the elements of the Creation. This is the subtlest form of the consciousness of the deva, the elemental intelligences that facilitate the natural World.  As our human selves are made of this same substance, It is these subtle threads of primal qualities which form the basis for the various expressions psychoemotional states that occur in the human condition.This becomes extremely relative when we look at the substance of our current self, the qualities of consciousness it embodies, and our relationship to the qualities we encounter on our Quest.

Collective Consciousness - The many selves of the Self

The Great Story

The Story is bigger than You.  All Paths are connected.  There is no separation.

Core to realizing our sacred Quest is the realization that there is no separation.  That all of our destinies, all of our Quests, are linked.  That we move across the Creation along threads of personal heroism, weaving and interweaving through a great ocean of subtle vibration, a web of interconnected synchronicity whose nodes reveal the bigger picture of our shared unfoldment.

As we expand our vantage from the singular threadline of our personal Story, we come to see ALL threadlines, all timelines, as being threads in a much larger tapestry.  A Great Story that connects all of us, mapping out the much larger World of our shared synchronicities and connections.

You are a Character in the Great Story

In the context of the Mythica, we are viewing our self as a Character, part of a much larger Story of human awakening, whose Quest is to discover and embody the precious seed within that aches to blossom it’s Gift to the World.  We are outlining a yoga of incarnate embodiment, clearing the distorted patterns that have defined the previous Age such that we may be the vessel for a new and brighter Present.

It is when we shift our vantage to this much larger perspective, that we see how we are all individual Characters, with our own sacred timelines, connecting with each other on our many adventures like constellations of stars upon the Earth.

See the Big Picture

Such is the real cloud atlas of our lives, the underlying tapestry of synchronicity and kismet in which we see that every event, every thought we have, every bit of trial and triumph upon our individual heroic journey is intricately connected to the many other selves we meet upon the Path, all part of a singular and unified field of shared unfoldment.

When we see things from this vantage, it is easier to understand the Truth that we are a Collective consciousness, many points of view within a singular entity.Yet to get to this point of view is challenging, for it requires a way of seeing that has embodied it’s Knowing.

As we come to see this, we see how our individual seeds come together, revealing the emergent World of the New Paradigm.  To illuminate the nature of this great skein of timespace, revealing a vision into the Great Unfoldment, is why the Mythica was created.

Everything is made of Vibration

To understand our Quest into a more expansive World, we must take a good look at the nature of our reality.  At the substance and structure of all things.

At the most primal level, our reality is made of vibrations.  All things within our Universe are made of this, including our very selves, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, everything.

While in many spiritual circles there is the focus on ‘We are all One’, in the Mythica we pay close attention to the reality that we are simultaneously a unified field of consciousness and an endless variety of distinctive forms happening across a canvas of Time and Space.

As we come to look at it this way, we see that while we are all part of the same vibrational field, there are very specific constructs of vibration that make up our unique and beautiful selves, and for that matter, all aspects of the Creation.  As we come to understand this, we gain a better vantage on the nature of distinction, that we are unique parts of a much larger system of vibrational forms.

What defines the difference between different people? Different places? Different experiences? As everything in the Universe is made of vibration, what are the specific vibrations that create those kinds of forms? After all, a chair is not a body of Water.  A Fire is not an electric car.  I am not the same as You. You are not the same as me.

You are Unique in all the Universe

You are unique in all the Universe.  Understanding blossoms within us when we can appreciate the uniqueness of our own particular vibration.  When we can recognize that all aspects of our Universe have their own unique signature.  Their own vibrational makeup which determines it’s suchness.  As we do this, we start to see how the qualities of vibration that we are made of are directly related to the circumstances of our Life.
Yet what are these qualities of vibration, and how to they define our unique experience?