Physics of the Quest

What are the Physics of the Quest?

Welcome to a new way of looking at your sacred Path.  A way of witnessing our individual and collective journey into the new paradigm of our shared Awakening.

Into the Mythica is unique in that she offers a way for Readers to see the application of the deepest of yogic techniques in the context of an unfolding Story.  A mystery school in which publishes each Author’s Character and their movement across the vibrational landscape that defines all realities wrought into a teaching Story which reveals the real magickal World and the progression from scarcity to the Abundance paradigm of the New Earth.
In the Physics of the Quest we present the most fundamental qualities of the ancient yogas phrased in the modern context, honouring the precious quality of our self and it’s Quest for Realization.

There are constants, throughout the Universe.  Laws and principles which find expression through our lives.  As a platform of spiritual education, the Mythica exists to help remedy the human tendency to forget or be unable to see the true nature of the Creation consistently while we are all resolving the shadows and process of our Awakening.

As Authors in the Mythica, we use our Stories to communicate these ideas, demonstrating them both to our self and the Reader as a curative for that forgetfulness, linking the events on our Stories to the underlying physics which support them.

The Physics of the Quest acts to outline the Universal Principles which have unique Expression through our lives, placing such reminders in the form of our Stories, to assist in reminding and encouraging one another on our noble heroic journey of personal and collective evolution.

Readers are welcomed to go through these articles in a linear fashion or to read the Stories of the Authors to link to specific aspects of the physics as they occur on that Author’s Quest.  These are intended as a general introduction to the physics.  If you wish a deeper dive into the physics of your Quest, you may pre-order the upcoming ePub here.

That being said, let’s dive into the physics behind our Stories.

An Overview of the Quest

All Quests are different, and all Quests are the same.  While each seed of our spiritual essence is unique, creating it’s own ripple, all have the same Goal – to Remember who we really are.  To clear out the patterns and limiting beliefs that hold us back, so that we may live in the fulfillment of our Life Purpose in a paradigm of Abundance and Grace

.As we move from the old paradigm of consciousness and self-concept, we step into a World of limitless potential.  A new reality.

Our Purpose is like.a seed, the Gift that wishes to express itself through us.  Yet it is buried, like a seed in the Earth.  To help it blossom, to clear the way for it to bloom, is the object of our Quest. To discover who we really are.  As we do this, all manner of Abundance we never expected arrives, mirroring the changes within.  We come to live in the brighter version of our own reflection.You can live in a better World.  No one can do this for You, it is your sacred privilege and the purpose of your Quest.

Such is the journey across the underlands of vibration that define the conditions of the World, doing our part to transform our consciousness and thus the World, for the better.

To help frame this and understand the Big Picture that links us all together, we must change our model of reality, come to understand the layers of manifestation from the causal to the surface.

The Heroic Journey and the Landscape of Legend

Our lives are Stories.  A movement through the circumstances of our sacred Path.    The heroic journey to the realization of who we really are.

As we do this, we have a great adventure.  A gradual movement deeper and deeper into the powers and talents waiting to be discovered inside of our consciousness.

Such is the journey we share, making our way to the new paradigm of human evolution.

Many of us are familiar with the idea of the heroic journey, presented by the famed scholar Joseph Campbell and his visionary works.  We have come to see a part of the underlying pattern of our lives.  To see the context in which our Path unfolds as part of a beautiful progression of living myth.

We see the Path.  Yet what does the Path move through? What is the nature of the patterns that define our lives? The traditions, the mythologies, the many ways in which we walk that heroic journey? What is the nature of the synchronicities that link our Paths together?

Here, we discover the landscape of myth, the canvas upon which our Path is drawn.

Your self – The Axis of Worlds

Understanding the movement into a more Abundant and magickal reality where our inner seed is expressed requires an understanding of the self.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, the structure of our current Self is the basis for our experience.Your self is the center, the origin and centerpoint of all of your circumstance.  It is the axis mundi of all Worlds, the potential union and embodiment of Heaven through Earth.

What is within You expresses in your ‘outer’ reality.  What you perceive above the line of awareness is a reflection of what lay below.  Such is the structure of your reality, a halo of your own prism of self.In all ways, the Universe will reflect this to You, constantly mirroring the vibrations of which You are currently made.  Many do not see this, yet as we clear and cleanse our awareness it’s Truth becomes evident.As we move through the circumstances of our lives, we face the qualities of our own self across the subtle topography of our sacred Path.

Only by changing that vibration, by applying the techniques of change, can You step into another reality, breaking free of the old patterns to step into a brighter World.

Such forms the basis for our Quest, to clear through the dirt and mud and blossom our inner light out into the World.As we move through these pages, we will present the physics of what it means to be human, the deep yogas of perception presented in a modern context.  Here, we will showcase the means by which we may clear the distortions from our perception, and walk between the very raindrops of reality itself.

The Sacred Path

Each of us has a sacred Path.  Our journey through the experience of being human.  Such is the beautiful timeline of our Story, the movement through the experiences of our lives.  It is on this sacred Path that we embark upon our Quest, to make the noble journey from ignorance to the realizastion of who and what we really are.

As we walk along our sacred path, we move through many landscapes.  Many different aspects of the Land.  Our journey takes us through many elemental realms, natural conditions which define the shape of our journey.

We can find ourselves crossing over beautiful lakes filled with Water, or on the edges of great mountains fo Earth, through cities of brick & mortar to flights through the very air itself.

Over the course of our journey, we move through many different forms of terrain.  From forests to cities, oceans to mountains, and across the many experiences of our lives.  As we travel our way, we live within an entire landscape that is larger than our single footsteps, a much bigger thing that gives context to our path.  Simply put, if there were no forest, there would no path.

Yet what is the nature of that forest, that ocean, that trail? What is it’s relationship to our unfoldment?

What is the nature of the LAND?

What is the substance of the forest? Of the temple? Of the city and the ocean? How do we come to appreciate the Land on which we walk the Path?

For this, we must make the journey deeper into ourself.  To learn to appreciate the subtleties of vibration, the Abundance and Grace that lay just beneath the surface of our awareness.  We must come to understand the nature of the Path and the Land.

The Mythica – The Lands Within

In the context of the heroic landscape, there is the surface perception of the Land and the subtle, the deeper perception of the vibrational reality through which our Path unfolds.

The easiest way to show this is through the medium of Water.  In the illustration above, see the tree.  In the rippling, changing water beneath we see it’s reflection.  As we come to understand the context in which our heroic journey unfolds, we discover that we are moving across the landscape of our own inner World, reflected in the circumstance of our life.

As we journey into the Mythica, we shall explore how this inner World, always existing in parallel to the surface plane, forms the shape of our personal myth.  Our journey from scarcity and distortion to the awareness of the abundance that is our birthright.

Here, we see an entirely different landscape.  One that plays out in our inner

As we make our journey into the Mythica, we will be exploring this underland, the inner landscape that is more constant than the outer, and showing how those two planes coincide to form the real magical World.

As we witness our movement through this inner World, we see a different landscape.  One of emotions, of scarcity and shadow, of trials and treasures, abundance, Grace and Wonder.  We enter the World of the Mythica, discovering in the process the much larger majesty that exists for us.

Yet how do we make this journey? How do we understand our consciousness and it’s relationship to our experience? For this, we must look at the surface and subtle levels of our perception.