Physics of the Quest
The Maps of our Myth

The Landscape of Myth

The mystical World always exists beneath the surface, taking on many outer forms to convey the pattern of it’s archetype.  As we travel deeper into the Mythica, our sense of these vibrations develops.  We see the Worlds beneath the World.

To travel into the Mythica, we must understand the physics of the magical World.  To recognize the nature of our reality, what it’s source is and the context in which our Path unfolds.

The Path into the magical World is a journey within that manifests without, in which the shifting of the vibrations within our self changes our ‘outer’ reality.

To travel deeper into the Mythica, we are learning how to understand how this relates to our Path through the mythical World.

When we move through the magical World, we are shifting our awareness into the subtle perception of our reality.  As we do, we gradually come to the spiritual understanding that we live in the mirror of our own current substance of consciousness.  The subtle World and the surface World are the same World, seen from different depths.

What is most important to understand is the ancient axiom of the mystery schools, “As Above, so Below” and “As Within, So Without”What things appear as on the surface, or “Above” the line of our subconscious and what their essence is in the subtle planes are the same thing, seen from a different angle of perception.

What is “below” our line of mystery is mirrored above.  It is merely our point of view which is changing.

The World Below is more constant than the World Above

The aspects of our subconscious always expresses itself through the surface plane, manifesting the same pattern through many different costumes.  In which we encounter the same relationships in a different form.

 Using our metaphor of Water, this is equivalent to the many ripples on the surface of perception causing things to seem a certain way yet the pattern, that which lay within the subconscious, remains.

To understand this, look at the picture above.  The mountain, reflected in the water.  The mountain is the subconscious pattern.  The reflection through still or rippling water is our perception on the surface.

In this context, the many ripples of the mountain that occur in the mirrored Water are the different versions of that mountain (the subconscious pattern) repeating through a variety of forms.

A classic example of this is when we have a pattern of relationships.  While we may meet many different people, we often end up in the same pattern, the same kind of relationship, despite what things appear to be on the surface.  Here, we see that the World of our subconscious patterns is more constant than what they appear as on the surface.

As we make our journey into the Mythica, we work to transform these patterns which in turn transforms our circumstance.

The journey into the realms of magic, wonder and abundance is an elemental one, in which we come to understand the substance of our consciousness and how the structure of what defines our current Character creates it’s reality.

Most beings are asleep at this time to the depths of who and what they actually are.  As we make the journey to the Abundance that is our birthright, we must investigate the relationship between our subconscious mind and it’s effect on our manifestation.  Such is the ancient quest of all yogi’s and explorers of consciousness, to discover the much vaster aspect of our potential that lay beneath the surface.

As most of our body is made of Water, this element becomes the most appropriate metaphor to describe our inner journey to the abundance that lay within.

From a structural perspective, the conditions of our manifestation are the embodiment of subtle impressions within the structure of the self.  To illustrate this, consider an iceberg.  In this example, the part of the iceberg that sits above the waterline is our conscious awareness.  Beneath it, and of far greater mass and influence upon the surrounding oceanscape, is our subconscious, containing within it our portion of the patterns within the collective field that must be addressed to allow for easier manifestation aligned with our Divine design, the seed within.

This has a tremendous effect on our manifestation, for the unknown and far greater mass of what lay beneath the surface of our consciousness awareness is what truly gives rise to our manifestations.  This is the understanding of the mass of our consciousness seen from the vantage that most beings have barely scratched the surface of how deep their current self is.

In this context, most beings live on the surface of their awareness of self, not understanding that their manifest reality is deeply affected by what lay beneath their line of Mystery, the patterns and impressions within the ‘ice’ of their subconscious.

To make our journey into the magical World, we must clear these patterns, doing the inner work that changes our outer experience.

All healing and movement towards wholeness involves the clearing of these causal impressions which, on the most subtle level of form, literally create the conditions of our incarnation from one droplet of form to another.
A challenging task, yet within this mass of self and the necessity of clearing it’s subconscious patterns lay a tremendous gift.  The purpose of one’s life, waiting to be unearthed through the ice.  The seed within.

Entering the Subtle World

To discover the magical World of our inner potential, we must make our way across many realms of our being, navigating through the waters of our own subconscious and into the vibrational cause of our circumstance.

Beginning the journey into the subconscious, the depths of your self

This is not easy, for the unconscious patterns which have created our surface reality require attending.  Like choppy water, our viewpoint is affected by that which lay beneath the surface of our conscious mind.  While our inner waters are in this state, we cannot perceive or receive the abundance that is our birthright.

This is akin to making a journey across an ocean of vibrations, in which we are exploring the various “islands” and territory of our own undiscovered self.

 In this way, we are explorers, making our way from the distortions of scarcity and confusion into the Worlds of Abundance and Beauty, remembering always that we live in a Friendly universe that supports us on our journey.

To move forward, we must face these patterns, dissolving and resolving them to glean the light of wisdom that lay beyond.  A challenging task, and the basis for all self-development.

This is not easy, for the unconscious patterns which have created our surface reality require attending.  Like choppy water, our viewpoint is affected by that which lay beneath the surface of our conscious mind.  While our inner waters are in this state, we cannot perceive or receive the abundance that is our birthright.

Yet as we do, the reward is tremendous, for through our trials and tribulations we gain pearls of wisdom, ways of understanding our self and our circumstance.  Such is the heroic journey, to discover new Worlds within that manifest without.

Here we discover the portal to another way of being.  It is only through facing that which obscures our own light that we may gain the wisdom we need to move forward.  To move through the inner gateway to a new reality.

Navigating your Path

Yet how do we navigate through the circumstances of our life? How do we move through the many corridors of life’s labyrinth?

The Akashic Compass

The Compass

Yet how to SHOW the subtle World of the Mythica?  How to share with the Readers the way in which our Author’s interpret their journey across the vibrational landscape of the Mythica?

To act as our sacred lens and window into the subtle realms of our sacred Path we have the Mythica compass.

A compass showing the realms of Roses, the High Priestess, and the element of Water

This relates directly to the concept of one’s locus point.  In the context of the journey into the Mythica, one’s compass is the act of divining the qualities that exist within one’s current conditions.  One’s current locus point.

There is a magickal version of Your Reality. A landscape of personal and Collective heroism that exists in the deep octaves of our perception. Yet while this is a real place, we cannot perceive it until we move through the depths of our own Self, following the compass of our personal Quest.

The Mythica Compass or the Compass of the Self is fundamental to understand Your passage across the realms of the Mythica. It is our point of orientation, the constant reminder that we live in the reality of our own current Story.

Yet that Story may change. That reality, what in the heroic landscape we call a ‘Realm’, is merely the roadmap to the unfoldment of Your sacred Quest. To move across those realms requires a compass. A way of looking at the hologram of one’s current reality.

Along our journey, we are always moving through different vibrational qualities, which make up the contents of our Self and the Selves around us.

For example, when we are ‘working with the Divine Masculine’ we are working with a particular quality, which tracks to a location in our body AND to our outer environment.

Whenever we move through the realms of our Self, we are moving into another archetypical energy. Another vibrational landscape in which we have relationship.

Your Compass is your Inner Guidance

All aspects of our path relate to our inner compass.  In the context of the journey into the Mythica, one’s compass is the way in which one determines the realm in which they are living and how to move onward across the wayshrines of the akasha.

Your Realm, Locus Point, and Halo of reflection exist within your compass.

Portals between Realms

As we walk the landscape of the Mythica, there are portals between realities.  Moments on our sacred Path in which we can sense a shift within that creates a shift without.

In the context of the subtle landscape of the Mythica, this is a movement between realms, in which we step through a portal from one reality to another.In the context of our heroic journey, we refer to these as Wayshrines, sacred places where we step between realms.

Anything on the surface plane of awareness can be a portal.  A book, a picture, an encounter with another being, or any of a multitude of other things.  Like all aspects of the journey into the Mythica, what things appear as on the surface is less important than what they are.

Scarcity and Abundance

Every state of being is a realm of distinct vibration.   A subtle pattern in one’s consciousness that appears as the circumstance of our life on the surface of awareness.

For many beings on the planet today, scarcity is a major issue, illustrated here as a barren, bleak wasteland of manifestation in the subtle landscape of the Mythica which plays out as limiting conditions on the surface of our lives.

Yet scarcity is not the natural state.  It is a distortion from what truly is.  As explorers into the cause of our circumstance, the journey from scarcity to Abundance is key to our movement into a New World.

In the context of the Mythica, scarcity is caused by misalignments in our subconscious.  Distortions and shadows of the abundance that is the truth of the friendly Universe.  To make our way from the realms of scarcity to those of Abundance, we must face these shadows, doing the inner work which transforms our consciousness and the manifestations in our lives.

Here, we must face the challenges of our own inner blockages, the shadows and distortions in our vibrational World which obscure the light of our inner abundance.

To face our inner shadows will take everything we have.

Yet as we do this, we clear our portion of the distortion that affects the planet.  We transform the circumstances of our reality.  We become the change we wish to see in the World.

In the context of our sacred Story, this is the movement through the subtle realms of oppression, confusion and distortion, facing the distorted patterns within.To face our inner shadows will take everything we have.Yet as we do this, we clear our portion of the distortion that affects the planet.  We transform the circumstances of our reality.  We become the change we wish to see in the World.

Beyond Good and Evil

In our heroic journey, we must face the shadows within our experience.  In the old paradigm of understanding, this was considered a conflict between “Good” and “Evil”.

 Yet while this is a popular concept and the basis for most of the media of that paradigm, it is rooted in dualism, in the play of opposites that is the unrealized state of the human condition.

While there is suffering and great horror in the World, at our core, we are more than this.  When we understand that our nature is fundamentally Love, the concept of ‘Good vs. Evil’ is revealed as judgment, distortion and dualism.

In this context, there is no evil.  There is only the distortion from what truly is, the shadows and confusions of as-yet-unexplored awareness. 

When we act this way, it is not who we really are.  It is the distortion., caused by the limitation on our awareness of what truly is and our as-yet-unprocessed patterns.  Our part to play in the Great Story.

The journey to a brighter reality fundamentally an elemental one, in which we must face the imbalance and distortion within our own being across the ever-shifting landscape of our current Character.
We are always moving through the vibrational landscape of the underlands.  Moving through the vibrational embodiment of the many territories of our consciousness.  Fire is one of these realms.

We must find a way to resolve our issues within and without 
And sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves.  To face the doubts within and step into a deeper version of who we are.  
Everyone’s Underland is different.  Yet how we interface with it is all the difference.
When we move through places of anger, of rancor and resentment, it changes the texture our inner World, for it IS our inner World, manifest through our experience.
Movies reflect this, creating scenes to embody the vibrational state of the Characters.  Such is the same on our sacred Path as we move through the bleak and battered territories of our own inner World.
It is in these places, these distortions from the abundance and Grace that is our birthright, that we face our shadows, the challenges upon our Path that must be surpassed to move to the next octave of our potential.

It is not easy, yet we must find a way to move through the challenges of our lives, discover how to make our course across the ocean of our expeirence.
As we do this, healing the broken cracks within our inner World, we discover the portal within, leading us ever deeper into the realms of Light.

Vibrational Topagraph

In this vibrational topography all realms of being are represented as landscapes.  An example of this is the realm of Love.  As many of us know, to be in the state of Love is one of the highest realms one can exist in.

As we clear through our portion of the distortion, our reality becomes clearer, giving us greater access to the Goodness that underlie our experience.

Trials and Treasure

In order to reach the realms of Abundance within the magical World, we must face the distortions within our subconscious.  The Shadows that block the Light.  On our sacred Path, this plays out as the challenges that we have, the fears and agitations, the people and places who share the distortions from the Love and expansion that is our birthright.

Here, we face the parts of our subconscious which are misaligned with the abundance of awareness and manifestation that is our birthright.  We face the distorted patterns that sit within and are our portion of the collective distortion to transform.

In the context of the World of Stories, this is every villain, every antagonist, everything that must be faced.  These are the trials of our Path.

Yet trials lead to treasure.  As we face these shadows within that manifest without, we grow in character.  We become the change we wish to see in the World, transforming our circumstance from the inside-out.

When we do this, clearing our way through the patterns in our subconscious that play out in our relationships, we gain greater access to the abundance of Ideas, understanding and vitality that is the true nature of the Universe.

We become the embodiment of that resolution, helping ourselves and others through the act of our personal heroism.
Such is the treasure beyond the trial.

The Realms of Light

In witnessing our Story as a yoga of self-development, our goal is to transmute our inner landscape so as to allow more Goodness and expansion through our manifestation.  In which we realize that Ideas are ALWAYS abundant within the field, yet our awareness of them is not.

We all wish to travel to a brighter reality.  One where abundance and expansion are happening in our lives. Where we experience the Goodness and Grace that exists in the many realities of the Creation.In contrast to the realms of Shadow are the realms of Light, flush with the best qualities of the human experience.  When we walk through such vibrational territories, life is more abundant.  More expansive.  Closer to the ideal of a Heaven on Earth.

When we clear the distortions and misalignments from the abundant nature of reality from our field, we enter the realms of Abundance and Light.  Such is the manifestation of our inner work playing out in the form of access to Ideas, to inspiration and harmony.  As adventurers moving into the paradigm of abundance, this is our goal.  To reach the realms of easement and Grace, where we may exist as the highest manifestation of our current self.

This plays out in the subtle World of the Mythica and on the surface as a flush of opportunities, access to ideas, and a general sense of easement and Goodness.

A perfect example of this is the realm of Love.  As many of us know, to be in the state of Love is one of the highest realms one can exist in.  Yet to get to this realm, to embody Love for our self and for other selves within the Creation, especially through the trials and shadows that mark the old paradigm of being, can be difficult.

So many of us desire a Loving partnership.  A connection to someone of deep resonance.  This too, is a realm of the Mythica.  One that exists when we embody a certain quality of Love.

As all things are a reflection of the self, we must BE that thing, move through the shadows and distortions of Love within our own being, so that it may appear in our outer experience.

This is not always easy to attain.  Yet, it is our natural state, free from the distortions and confusions that are our challenge to overcome.

Plant Allies

As we go deeper into the Mythica, we encounter the collective intelligence of the deva, and aspects of Gaia from which we are made.  This is the realm of plant intelligences which assist us in clearing our lens of perception and moving to the realms of Abundance.

As part of the Friendly universe, we have allies amongst the plant kingdom.  Beings of deep intelligence whose function is to assist us in transforming our consciousness, who in their very essence help us to remember that we are part of Gaia, extensions of the natural World.

As we go deeper into the Mythica, we encounter the collective intelligence of the deva, and aspects of Gaia from which we are made.  This is the realm of plant intelligences which assist us in clearing our lens of perception and moving to the realms of Abundance.

This can take many forms from the simple ingestion of herbs and flower essences that change our subtle body (and thus our consciousness) to the much more extreme allies in the form of psychoactive plants and our Divine messengers.

Our allies in this realm are many, including the Grandmother Vine of Ayahuasca, the intelligence of the psylocibin mushroom, the peyote cactus and many other elemental intelligences which change our perspective of the World.

The World Tree

Continuing with our metaphor of traveling across an ocean of consciousness, as we move through the subtle impressions that make up our reality, we begin to see the lines of synchronicitiy, of cause and effect.

As we travel deeper, the patterns and mythologies that underlie our lives are seen as lines of synchronicity and serendipity, an endless interwoven play of cause and effect across many lifetimes.  We see the network of mythlines that define the Great Story.  The essence of alL Paths, the roots and branches of the World Tree.
Here we see, our Paths are the roots and branches of the World Tree.  The infinite interwoven loom of our many lives and adventures.  This is the realm when one may see the mythosphere, the intersections of synchronicity that occur for our Characters as we play out our role along our particular mythos.

While we exist in the material plane, we are always moving through the World Tree.  Through the many Worlds connected through her subtle roots and branches.

At this level of depth, one sees how the World Tree is the material plane itself.  How the subtle impressions within the Akasha manifest themselves into our lives.  We see the patterns of Heaven and Earth in their microscopic and macroscopic form, both the individual and the Great Story of our unfoldment.

Yet what lay beyond the tree? As consciousness continues to move towards the Source of all things, even the lines of the tree dissolve.  We look towards the inner horizon, to the elemental planes that define all outer form.

As we move forward, we look back, and see the Great Tree, the leaves and branches of our many timeilnes, dissolving past this subtle level of form even deeper to the Source of all that is.

The Elemental Planes

Yet there is still further to go on our journey towards the Source of all that is.As awareness continues to dissolve through the many impressions of the Akasha, it moves past the mythic topography into the elemental planes, where all form plays out as shifting arrangements of the five elements.This level of relationship with the Creation is rare, and implies an entirely elemental state of being.  Here, the flickering waves of form as they appear on the surface plane dissolve even in concept as the elements of What Is take precedence.