Physics of the Quest
The structure of the self

Divine Intelligence in Form

Let’s start here.  You are not the self.  You are awareness itself, looking through the lens of your current self and it’s purpose within the much larger unfoldment.  What you call your ‘ego’ and sense of individual self is what defines your current experience.  Yet while this defines a sense of self-identity, such is also an illusion of separation, more truly an expression of something much larger.

Congradulations.  That’s enlightenment.

In context, most yogas of the pre-Ascendent paradigm have a focus on transcendence of the self, focusing on the essence of the Divine and the formlessness that is our point-of-origin.  In this process, there is an inevitable revelation that one is not the little ‘self’ or the ‘ego’ of self-definition, but rather awareness itself.  Moving in this direction *from* the limited perception of self *to* that realization, is the common goal of most yogas.

In the Mythica, we are doing something different.  Rather than focusing on the yoga of transcendence, our interest lay in the yoga of embodiment, deepening into what it means to have a ‘self’ in the context of it’s life and it’s function within the much larger collective field.  While it is understood that BOTH paths, that of transcendence and of embodiment eventually lead to the goal of realization, our focus is on embodying our higher aspect through the form.

In this, we are articulating the nature of the the Quest for embodiment, the discovery of the Divine design that lay within us, the dharma and seed that is built into the very nature of our current, albeit impermanent, ‘self’.  It in this Great Work, the process of embodying the unique qualities of our current Character in the Great Story, that we transform our circumstance and that of the World.

That being said, let's look into the nature of our current self and it's sacred Purpose ....

Everything is made of Vibration

To understand our Quest into a more expansive World, we must take a good look at the nature of our reality.  At the substance and structure of all things.

At the most primal level, our reality is made of vibrations.  All things within our Universe are made of this, including our very selves, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, everything.

While in many spiritual circles there is the focus on ‘We are all One’, in the Mythica we pay close attention to the reality that we are simultaneously a unified field of consciousness and an endless variety of distinctive forms happening across a canvas of Time and Space.

As we come to look at it this way, we see that while we are all part of the same vibrational field, there are very specific constructs of vibration that make up our unique and beautiful selves, and for that matter, all aspects of the Creation.  As we come to understand this, we gain a better vantage on the nature of distinction, that we are unique parts of a much larger system of vibrational forms.

What defines the difference between different people? Different places? Different experiences? As everything in the Universe is made of vibration, what are the specific vibrations that create those kinds of forms? After all, a chair is not a body of Water.  A Fire is not an electric car.  I am not the same as You. You are not the same as me.

You are Unique in all the Universe

You are unique in all the Universe.  Understanding blossoms within us when we can appreciate the uniqueness of our own particular vibration.  When we can recognize that all aspects of our Universe have their own unique signature.  Their own vibrational makeup which determines it’s suchness.  As we do this, we start to see how the qualities of vibration that we are made of are directly related to the circumstances of our Life.
Yet what are these qualities of vibration, and how to they define our unique experience?

The Seed Within - The Purpose of your Path

You have a Purpose.  A Divine design, built into the very substance of your being.

At the core of reality, all things come from Source consciousness.  Such is the origin point of the Great Story, the unfoldment of Divine intelligence which plays out as the circumstance of our lives.  As we incarnate through the material World, we embody expressions of that intelligence, playing a specific part in that sacred unfoldment.

The Seed of the self in energetic form

On the most subtle of levels, this plays out as a collection of the primal elements, forming an energetic seed.  This is our potential, the unblossomed lotus of our awareness that sits within.

Just as our individual Selves create from  the setting of an intention which defines the vibration of our actions, so is there a great and Divine intention that has set our selves, aspects of that very Divinity, to fulfill that much larger initiative.

As this vibration makes it’s way up from the Source of All that Is, it forms into different patterns, codes of Light which are imprinted through the building blocks of reality itself, carrying this Divine intention into form.

As  these move up through the layers of manifestation, these code of light form into very specific strands of DNA, which in turn contain the sacred Purpose, the mission for which that individual was created in service to God.Such plays out as our particular talents, skills and Gifts, qualities of consciousness that are part of the very definition of our current Self and it’s Gift, intrinsically tied into our sense of personal fulfillment and bliss.

Such is the pattern of our spiritual DNA as it manifests in the biological.

Set to this intention, this glittering jewel of Divine purpose incarnates into the World, taking on the appropriate shape, gender, and life circumstances for the transmission of this beauty, hidden and waiting emergence within the subtle mansions of the self.

To reveal this Gift, to blossom the seed within You is the Quest.  To actualize the potential of Divinity within your self.  Your current Character in the Great Story.

Such is the journey across the underlands of vibration that define the conditions of the World, doing our part to transform our consciousness and thus the World, for the better.

To help frame this and understand the Big Picture that links us all together, we must change our model of reality, come to understand the layers of manifestation from the causal to the surface.

The Human Clay - The Golem of the self

Now that we understand how the formless manifests into form on the deepest of levels, we are primed to understand the nature of the mortal form, how these elements manifest through our experience and what relationship that has to the Quest to realize the self.

As we explore the manifestation of the Akasha through the World Tree, we ask the question, how do the five primal elements manifest through my human experience?

In ancient mythologies there is the concept of a golem.  A humanoid figure, made of clay, which is animated by the breath of the Divine.  When we approach the concept of incarnation from the perspective being awareness temporarily moving through a human body, this concept aptly describes what it means to be human.

Here, we see the primal element of Earth, which forms the basis for our flesh, bones, and the container for the other elements of our being.  Like a golem animated by the breath of the Divine, we are breathed through, our selves made of the primal elements.

Here, the Fire (or Agni) of transformation has it’s cauldron of Earth, animated by the Aloha of Divine breath (Air), communicated in the subtle flowing substance of Water along our progression through inner change occurring with the framework of the Akasha of ether (spirit) manifest in spacetime.  Together these elements of the Natural World of which we, as part of this unified field are fundamentally constructed of, give rise to the living deva that is the human being, our self, made of the same substance as the plants, rocks, and substance of the Creation of which we are a small expression.

This is intrinsically tied into the application of deva yoga, in which we clarify the state of our lens-of-consciousness through right-relationship with the elemental energies of the Natural world which are more pristine than the resolving conditions and impressions within our subconscious that define our reception of Abundance.

Human being made of the Land

The Structure of the self – Revisiting the Five Elements

As extensions of Spirit through form, we are literally made of the substance of Gaia, of the land upon which we exist.  From the same substance as the rocks, the plants, the trees, the ocean and more.  It is these qualities, in various combinations of quality and quantity that make up the entirety of both our human experience and the Creation at large.

This in turn forms the basis of our self-definition and the varying divinations we have into our current shape.

Yet while we are made of these primal elements, our awareness of them varies greatly.  How do we learn to discern what elements make up our current Character and use that understanding for our health and wholeness?

An example of elemental essences

Divining the Elements of the self

Just as there are many impermanent traditions and cultures that dot the surface of the planet, there are many ways of approaching this fundamental and structural viewpoint on  health, wholeness, and the expression of our sacred Path.

Yet while the surface forms of these traditions changes, there is an underlying constant which all return to – the fundamental natural qualities that make up all potential realities.Across the many impermanent cultures and traditions of this planet, there are many different ways of interpreting the substance of the self.

Five Elements of the Chinese system

(An example of the Chinese system of elements of self)In the Chinese medical system, the self is considered to be made of five elements, which correspond to our organs.  Medical conditions (a fractal of life conditions) are considered to be relative to imbalance of these elements, in which remedies are prescribed to bring wholeness through balancing those elements.

In comparison to this, the Ayurvedic system of medicine refers to the elements of the self as doshas, qualities which form the basis of our medical conditions.

Ayurvedic system of elements

Like the Chinese system, the entire basis of the Ayurvedic medical paradigm is also related to these natural qualities, to the elemental devathat make up our experience.While the systems themselves are relative to the cultures and Ages in which they are divined, the underlying substance of the self, of being made of the elemental qualities of the natural World, remains the same.  We are made of the Land.  It is through recognition of this aspect of our self that we may find healing and wholeness.

Like all form within the Creation, our human selves are made of the primal qualities, the elements which make up all things.  This plays out through the many different cultures and ideologies in a variety of ways which reference those qualities as various forms of self-definition.

Throughout our many impermanent traditions, we refer to people in this manner, consciously or unconsciously referencing the elements they embody at that moment in time.

These kinds of associations between the prime elements and their psychoemotional associations are constant throughout all human interpretations of self through the filter of her many impermanent cultures and traditions.  Whether patience is considered a quality of Earth, or Joy a quality of Fire, Love a quality of Water, Anger a quality of Fire, etc. all things relate to the natural World.  To the cycles and seasons of the natural World of which we are an intrinsic part.

The Human Being as Elements

All aspects of our experience are made of the primal qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Akasha. This includes the various psychoemotional states which define our human adventure.

This is deeply seen in the association between various elemental qualities and the various forms of divination into the substance of the self.  Such is the palette from which the idea of ‘astrology’, of one’s ‘doshas’ and other cultural interpretations arise.

An example of western astrology

When we refer to our self as a ‘Libra’, or a ‘Scorpio’, as being a ‘Fire Dragon’, or ‘Mermaid’ or some other self-declaration, we are always referencing the elemental qualities which form the substance of our current Character.  Within this is an even greater movement as the elemental substance of that Character (or self) interacts with other Characters along it’s timeline of the Great Story.

Divining the self

As we move through the human condition, we are in the process of learning to divine the structure of our self and understand it’s relationship to our manifestation.  There are many systems which present this in a variety of ways, all of which do the same thing, which is to interpret the structure of self from a variety of angles.

All Divination is into the substance of the impressions of the Akasha as they manifest through the World Tree, the golem of our current self, or Character in the Great Story.  Whether we are inquiring about the unfolding circumstances of our life or the more seemingly local structure of our biology, it is always the self that we are investigating.

There are many systems of divination. Ways of discerning the circumstances of our health, our wholeness, and our life in general.  While they vary from culture to culture, the basic principle is the same – we are discovering the patterns that are healthy or unhealthy in our lives.

For example, Iridology uses the eyes to determine the state of the organs.  Reflexology uses the feet.  Systems which relate circumstance to the chakras use that system.  Ayurveda, the doshas.  Chinese medicine, the five elements.

Like all aspects of the mortal condition, these are impermanent, culturally dependent forms.  Yet underlying them the action is always the same – we are divining the patternthe prime imprint that is our current self, our current circumstance.  We are examining our own reflection in a variety of mirrors.

In this context, what we are looking at are any number of maps … ways of divination.  Whether we associate that divination with the tongue, with the feet, the eyes, the chakras, or whatever … ultimately we are talking about a singular thing .. the prime pattern of our Life, our prism of Self, which in turn relates to our Life Purpose, or dharma, and the halo of our circumstance.

Astrologies, Human Designs, Tarot – Everything is Divination of the Self

Let us expand on this concept, and look at the pattern of the self from another angle.  Just as looking at a biological model, esoteric models exist that divine the elements of the self.

Many systems exist to do this, ranging across many cultures, traditions and other impermanences.

A classic example of this would be the wheel of western astrology, which divines the self into four quadrants of elements over the course of a year, related to the movement of the cosmos of which we are a part.

Another example would be the tarot deck, where cards are used to divine the impressions that lay within the substance of a particular being.  This idea of divination applies across the board, manifesting through any number of systems that appear different on the surface, yet serve the same function – to investigate and perceive the deeper impressions of the Akasha as they express through our human form in the material plane.

The Human Design system of Divination

Still another would be the currently popular human design system.

While all of these systems are valid forms of divination, ultimately, what matters most is the understanding that no matter our point of entry, all aspects of our experience reflect our current conditions. 

This is the Law of Reflection at work.  The understanding that all parts of the fractal of our existence reflect the whole, whether seen in our individual condition or collective.

All aspects of the self reflect the whole.  Whether we use an esoteric or biological model or anything in-between, all parts of our experience reflect the whole.  Such is the nature of the halo of our reflection, seen in the physical form.

Your life-circumstance is a mirror of your inner landscape.

Now let us expand on this concept.  When we understand that our human Selves are a matrix of consciousness and that there is no separation between us and our environment, we come to see that the circumstances of our lives are equally as valid in the diagnosis of the conditions of our qualities of current self.

This is difficult to perceive, yet like all systems of divination, the fractal of our current condition reflects to us from all aspects of our experience.

There is no separation between what is ‘within’ and what is ‘without’