Realms of the Akasha

“Beneath the land there is a land
a topography of hue
that shows the true reflection
of the you within the you”

Core to the journey to Heaven on Earth is the concept of realms.

Realms are the specific territories of the Akasha.  The particular conditions that define one’s point within the landscapes of legend.  They are the vibrational qualities in the subtle levels of one’s awareness which underlie the circumstances of one’s Path.

Movement through the realms seen on the elemental level of perception

Consider any movie or book you have read.  There is always a protagonist, often living in some fantastical Universe, in which they go on the classic heroic journey.  While they may face all manner of challenges ranging from managing the seeming mundanity of a household argument to the equally seeming majesty of an intergalactic space opera, the outer form of their circumstance is simply the manifest expression of an inner journey, in which they experience the psycho-emotional development of their Character along the timeline of their circumstance.

This same thing happens for each of us on our own unique Path. We are always moving through the realms, across the rainbow bridge from one state of being to another.  Moving through it’s territories is the act of psychoemotional development that defines our Story and is the basis for all the Worlds and treatments of Story we read in media.

As we move along our heroic journey, we move through realms of experrience which reflect the changing conditions within our self in accordance with the Law of Reflection.  When we exist in a distortion of a quality, such the distortion of Abundance that is the manifestation of scarcity, we are moving through it’s realm.

This is the basis for the landscapes of our legend, the subtle topography that maps our journey across the akasha.

As we come to see the substrata of the Creation in it’s more elemental form, we are able to see our movement from one vibrational experience to another as a passage across many realms of being.  We understand that what appears on the surface of our perception is a manifestation of the realms we are vibrationally embodying and their effect.

In this context, scarcity is a realm of being, as is Abundance.  Similarly, the state of being when we are in a blissful state, or that of Heaven through Earth, is a realm, as are the many states of consciousness which lay within our human potential.

Seen from this vantage, the World of magic and Wonder is accessed when we are able to see the realms of vibration, the Characters and Places upon our Quest and our circumstance from the Mythica.

Realms are far more than the surface geography of the World, including within their definition all the varied psychoemotional states and potential ways of being.  They are the landscape of our vibrational experience mapped out as the territory through which our heroic journey faces the trials and challenges of Shadow and the revelation of it’s seed within. As we clarify this understanding, we gain greater vantage into the nature of our experience across both our current lifetime, and the many bodies and interactions we have across many incarnations in the Akasha.

Key to understanding this is accepting that we are made of consciousness.  Of the very substance of the Akasha.  That we are a bubble of vibrational within a much larger ocean of Light.