Akasha Yoga – Aligning with Gaia

We and the Land are One.

There is no separation. We are made of the same elements. Each an expression of the larger eco-system of Gaia, an extension of the roots that connects us all.

As we awaken to our inherent divinity, our Quest may become one of aligning with Gaia, of coming back to union with our Source, the natural World.
By aligning with Gaia, we enter the gates to sacred relationship with the Land, clearing the disharmonies within to access the seed of divine light that wishes to express through us.

The Alchemy of Becoming

In Akasha Yoga, we practice deepening our awareness of just what we are being, looking at our journey as a path of becoming, of moving from one position of embodiment to another. In Aligning with Gaia, our Quest is to move from the position of separation and disharmony to that of Unity and alignment with Nature, to have deeper access to the gift of the seed within that wishes to express through us as an extension of Gaia.

Key to this is understanding how we are made of the elements, experiencing a reality based on the balance and purity of our configuration. That we deepen our awareness of the proper transformation and alignment, coming to see that ‘As Within, So Without.’

We live in the manifest reflection of our state of alignment with Nature.

Because our very bodies are made of the prime elements; earth, air, water, fire and the space in which those exist; we can clarify those elements within ourself through yogic practices. This is the basis of inner alchemy, of transforming within to affect change in our circumstance. In Aligning with Gaia, we are developing direct relationship and viseral understanding of the underlying elements that give rise to our experience, approaching from the clearing on a causal level.

We come to see that the very lens through which we experience the creation is made of the elements of Gaia, coming to appreciate the uniqueness of our experience as an expression of Nature. We see that the happenings in our field are not disconnected from the rich inner landscape, that they are one and the same, happening in accordance with the gravity of our beingness.

Awaken to Healing with Nature

Learn to connect with the clearer version of that which makes up your Self through the pure elements of Nature. They make up the land and the very fabric of our being, as we and the land are One.

By returning to our Source and aligning with Gaia, we can clarify our consciousness. This transforms our life for the better by aligning us with the divine blueprint of Nature, attuning us with the frequencies of wellbeing, connection and inspiration.

We open our eyes to the abundance and grace of the natural world, attuning to the harmony of the web of all life.

Many of the issues in our life are connected to an internal imbalance with Nature, such as health issues, disharmony, and even scarcity. We can deepen our sensory awareness of these patterns and learn to clear them. Addressing these root misalignments through embodying understanding is the goal of Aligning with Gaia, along with giving techniques you can work with to step into greater grace, wholeness and connection with the web of life.

Clearing with the Elements

Approaching from a unified perspective, we see that by properly working with any element or living aspect of nature we can transform our inner alchemy through coming to right relationship with Nature.

When we approach the purity of wellsprings and wayshrines, places of life force and beauty in the land, we can align with that quality. We see that these places exist at a cleaner octave than the imbalances and distortions in our bodies, so we can draw on them for healing.

By immersing in the purity of the elements, we can dissolve the separation between us and Nature, opening the gateway of healing. This clarifies that element within the fabric of our very being.

Embody your Natural Genius

Through cultivating a sacred relationship with Gaia, we can clear the way to our divine self, processing deep rooted patterns to release what no longer serves us. As we do this, we become more the divine being that we truly are. Suddenly, we access a whole new level of connection with the larger intelligence of Nature, realizing that there is no separation between us and Gaia.

Benefits from this Shift:

  • Deeper connection to the Land
  • More Self-Love
  • Better Relationships
  • Recognition of divine purpose
  • Vitality and expanded senses

Access more Abundance

The Land is bigger than we are. Vital life force is always flowing through the land, waiting for us to awaken our awareness to its larger horizons.

Nature is boundless in its abundance, carrying the original harmonic of health and alignment. By deepening our ability to perceive and recieve the mana, or subtle life force, of the land, and cultivate this within, we can deepen our vitality and connection with nature.

Learn to connect with the trees and fauna, the wind and the sun, to sense the subtle energies that flow through all things, shifting your inner stance to align with Nature.

Deepen your awareness of the vibrational textures of the elements, dissolving your separation with Nature to work directly with the alchemy of transformation.

Learn Everyday Alchemy

We are always connecting with the prime elements of the Land, as they make up the material world as we know it and our very bodies. Our lives are made up of everyday rituals, patterns of how we interact with the world.

Everyday, we drink water, move earth, tend fire, and breathe air. In Aligning with Gaia, we learn to shift our way of relating with these patterns, aligning with a sacred relationship with the elements.

How this Course will help you:

  • Increase your alignment with Nature
  • Increase your resonance with the elements of your own being
  • Understand the relationship between your circumstances and your elemental state
  • Develop ways of processing deep emotional patterns and achieving peace
  • Dissolve the patterns which create our beliefs through blending with the elemental energies of which all our bodies are made
  • Cultivate a sense of our own Authenticity and follow our inner compass to the blossom the seed within


“Aligning with Gaia has been an amazing discovery for me, It’s something I would do briefly throughout the day, maybe admire the clouds, watch the sunset for a while, feel the air and the nature smells. I loved these feelings of contentedness and magical earthscapes. The Deva are always there though! Once I started practicing Aligning with Gaia I’ve felt more aligned with my senses, I feel the benevolence of Gaia, I realize that I too am made of the same essence, and resonate. I have a much healthier relationship with the elements now, the conversation is no longer one sided, and that opens up for more communication so to speak.” – Jax Taylor

How It Works

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