Deva Yoga – Alignment through Nature

In by Peter Fae



What is the secret to vitality? How do we connect with that which is larger than the Self?
Change the patterns that have kept You in confusion and scarcity. Discover the healing vitality that lay in our sacred relationship to the Land.
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Connect with that which is the clearer version of that which makes up your Self. BLEND with the Deva.
Discover Magick and Healing with the Land

This course is designed as a general overview into cultivating a relationship with the elemental intelligences of the Deva to transform one’s consciousness. By taking this course, You will experience greater degrees of clarity, vitality and freedom, and take the first steps into a much deeper relationship with the sacred Land.
This course will help You to:

* Increase your vitality
* Increase your resonance with the elements of your own being
* Understand the relationship between your circumstances and your elemental state
* Develop ways of processing deep emotional patterns and achieving peace
* Dissolve the patterns which create our beliefs through blending with the elemental energies of which all our bodies are made
* Cultivate a sense of our own Authenticity and feel what is real and what is not for us over time.
Stepping into our more magickal Self
As we cultivate our relationship with the Deva, we clear the patterns within our Self. As this happens, we become more and more embodied into the magickal being that we Truly are.
Benefits from this embodiment:

* More Self-Love
* Better Relationships
* Deeper connection to the Land
* Life Purpose recognition
* Vitaltiy
Testimonials from the People
“Ohmigod this course completely changed my Life …”
“Another example of something People would say ….”
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