Drawing on the Mana of the Aina

In The Mystic Artsby Yeshua Lucis

The land is larger than we are. There is always vital subtle energy, called mana, prana, or Qi, flowing through the sacred land, also called Gaia or the Aina. To receive this, requires we move past the surface and into the subtlety of perception and deepen our awareness to perceive and thus receive this aspect of the Creation.

In this context, our awareness becomes the conduit through with the mana flows from the Aina, in which we establish right-relationship with our experience of the Land such to receive the more subtle benefits of our embodiment. Here, we can draw on a supply of energy larger than our current horizon, dissolving the separation between us and the environment in which we live.

In the practice of Akasha Yoga, we use techniques of awareness to soften these subtle barriers of distinction between our somatic bodies and the auric fields of the land. We focus on the understanding of the inner asana, the posture of our consciousness and it’s receptivity to the energies which surround us.

Bridging this into the understanding of the inner asana brings us to another precipice of magic. Much like the outer postures of the yogas of the old age, we relate this to the inner postures, configuration of energy and stance of approach that can be held in a clearing or additive capacity.

This appears on the surface form as techniques of forgiveness, clearing, gratitude and general cultivations to shift the vibrations of our current embodiment and align with the palette of manifestation we wish to experience more of. As we do this, we ‘cleanse the palette’, thus allowing us to perceive, and thus receive, more of the energies of health, wholeness and vitality.

As we combine this with the awareness of the subtle textures of the Aina, the bridge of awareness that allows us access to the mana, we can clear the somatic of our self with curative energies of the land to walk the rainbow bridge to brighter worlds. This is because the pristinity of nature, wellsprings and wild lands where the spirits of Gaia are rich with life force exist at a frequency more attuned with our original divine blueprint.

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