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Dropping into the Earth

Dropping into the Earth

What does it mean to go deeper into the World of Myth?  Such is no less than the return to who we really are, magickal, enlightened beings living a magnificent Story.

It is the return to Truth – that we are so much more than we appear to be, that we are the living incarnations of embodied Divinity, transforming ourselves into our Awakened and embodied Aspect through the yogas and techniques of personal change.

We all want to grow.  To blossom, and give the Gift of our sacred Self to the World.  Yet often, we aren’t aware of what that Gift is.  We aren’t sure of what we can do, or how to change the circumstances of our Life.

Yet there is always aid.  There is always a way, to deepen, to Become.  In the context of the Mythica, when we align with the forces of Nature, that which is larger than the Self, we change the prism of our being.  We experience a Beltane - Dakotadeeper, more resonant reality.

This comes from clearing the Self, from clearing out the illusions and confusions that are not our Truth.  One of the ways we do this is through connecting with the Land.


When you get stressed out, try this technique:

Lie down.  On real ground.  On the grass.  Deepen into your senses.  Understand that feeling the feeling of safety, of grounding and abundance is what CREATES the manifestation in your life.

As you lie down, do you best to FEEL the pulse of the Earth.  FEEL the energies that are radiating, always, from the Mother.  Envision yourself as having roots, dropping down into the Earth; receiving nourishment.

Relaxation is key.  There is a fine difference between lying down in a tense state, and simply Allowing the gravity of the planet to do it’s job.  When we stand up, this can be more difficult, yet when we lie down, when we breathe into the Land, it is easier to allow gravity to simply pull away the tensions in our form.

Like all techniques of personal transformation, this seems simple, yet is defined by one’s own depth of awareness.  This isn’t a one-off, it’s an ongoing technique to ground oneself, and cultivate relationship with the Land. 

Remember – Magick is real.  You can step into your more mythical Self.  All it takes is practice.


May you live a mythical life 🙂

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Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and Author of the Journey Home. Having cultivated the healing arts for years along the Journey Home, Peter is available for giving Guidance and Healing of one's sacred Path. Find out more or book a consultation with him on his personal page

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