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Here I’m just showing the nature of an article. Style-wise. An ARTICLE is different from a TIMELINE post, which is different from an ACADEMY post.

In articles, we’re talking about some aspect of the World of Magic, something about the lore and rise of the Divine Feminine, or something about the magic of Nature, all within the contextual framework of the ‘return to the Garden’ idea.

We are all returning to the Garden. To the expanded, beatific version of ourselves that lives in alignment with the natural World.

It is a thing moving across the World, in which we are all learning to transform the vibrations which make up our circumstances and personal realities into the cleaner and more refined version of themselves. Where we are remembering the alchemies of inner change that lead us to a more heavenly Earth.

Here, we teach the Akasha Yoga and other mystical arts, proving our application and results through our timelines while revealing the Great Story that links us all.

I have always felt a deep connection to the deva. To the elemental intelligences that exist within the structure and substance of Nature. So much so that what most people called the “civilized” World (and I use that word lightly 🙂 were distant and alien, like shadows barely glimpsed or recognized in a waking dream.

Over the years, this relationship with the deva would manifest as a deeply magical adventure into the nature of consciousness and the understanding of our heroic journey as it relates to the collective Awakening of the human condition to it’s inherent Divinity.

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Miaty Odom is an accomplished counselor and facilitator, having worked in the healing modalities for more than seventeen years and acts as a guide to the Mother Matrix, embodying the return to the Divine Feminine through the tantric arts.To book a session with Misty Odom click here ...

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