Floral Consciousness

As we travel towards Paradise in the subtle underlands of the Mythica, our consciousness changes.  Or rather, as our consciousness changes, we travel deeper towards Paradise.  Take your pick.  Either way, the shift is profound, the plant_consciousness.jpgembodiment of the very real movement from separation-based relationships to our deeper Truth as a Collective.  In the context of the Mythica and revelation of the subtle Worlds, this is a movement towards floral based consciousness.  An evolutionary imperative in which we are becoming more aware of the Truth – that we are made of deva … made of the very substances of the Land, and that our experience of Heaven on Earth is intrinsically linked to our relationship with that Land.

The implications of this are vast and filled with virtue, for as we transform our consciousness in such a manner, we have access to more vitality, more vital essence, more creativity, more inspiration, and a deeper sense of Life.

In the context of the Mythica, the movement towards floral consciousness is integrally linked to the wisdom of the plants, in which our yogas and evolutions of consciousness represent a finer, more integrated attunement with the emergent Age.  Such is a natural part of humanities evolution, in which we step deeper into our birthright of health, wholeness and prosperity.

It is challenging to describe the difference between Collective, floral consciousness and that of the old paradigm, yet the fundamental is an ever-increasing sense of connection with the deva, deepening into the understanding that we are all aspects of a  much larger organism, bits and pieces of the Gaian worldmind in a variety of forms.  There is a sense of softness, of tuning into the more numinous aspects of awareness.  Where we have a visceral inner compass, awake to a whole suite of feelings and sensations that echo across the subtlety of our experience.

With this increased awareness, this deeper empathy, our relationships change.  As we grow to feel, rather than theorize about the interconnectivity of all things, our sense of nurturing and Grace extends outwards from our ‘individual’ Self as intellect is overtaken by the very real awareness of our shared experience.

As plants absorb the Sun, receiving it’s rays, there is a quality of Listening to floral consciousness.  One where our receptors are touched by the Divine Feminine, where we receive information and guidance from the very deva of the Land, the end result beings a more fulfilled and vibrant existence.

Gallery - Deva Faeries Kami-1In the context of the Mythica, each of us is very much like a plant.  A seed.  Carrying within us a particular blossom, a Divine and unique Gift to bring to the Worlds.  As we move along the cycles of our Life, we go through the stages of such growth, from the seed, to pushing through the dirt and ground of our unconsciousness, coming to blossom and share our Light, then giving away our seeds to the greater Garden and returning our forms once more to the Earth.  There is a beauty in it, in which we realize that we are not so different from the Land after all, in which we become ever-more aware of the seasons and cycles of the ground from when we came.


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