The Teaching Story

Welcome to a new style of Storytelling, using our Stories to reveal the mystical and abundant World that is our shared birthright. Within this platform of real magic and awakening, You will discover a whole new World full of magic, mystery and expansion.

Central to the concept of the Mythica is the understanding that all of our Stories are linked, part of a much larger unfoldment, the Great Story of humanities shared Awakening. As a publishing platform, the tales of the Author’s act as examples of the application and results of the mystic arts, demonstrating how they changed their consciousness and thus gained greater access to the abundance and prosperity that is the true nature of the Universe.

In this way, the individual timelines of the avatars can be viewed as threads of the much larger weave of our Stories, where we use glyphs, images and other effects to showcase the more subtle and causal World that exists below the surface of our awareness. It is through changing the patterns within those subtle and causal places that we transform our inner state, which corresponds to a change in our outer reality.

In this way, all aspects of the Mythica relate to every other aspect, following the interlinking pattern of the flower of life. Here, we use our Stories to link to the avatars of the mystical World and to the various teachings upon the Wisdom Tree which help You to go deeper into your own mystical self.

We are all connected. All part of a much larger Story, that of our collective Awakening.

Yet how do we see this? How do we witness the pattern that lay beneath our purpose? How do we see the roots and branches of our interwoven lives? 

As part of the Mythica’s function, our Authors track their timelines, documenting the places where they encounter other avatars of the Awakening, detailing these in their Stories to show the where, the when, and the why we occur in each other lives.

Revealing the Lands of Legend

A modern myth that tells the tale of our Awakening.

At the center of every Story ever told lay a golden thread, a common theme that underlay all tales and myths. That of the heroic journey, the Quest of trail and triumph and the adventure of unveiling the meaning of our lives.

Inspired by the seminal work of Joseph Campbell regarding the power of our sacred Stories, Into the Mythica answers the call of presenting the modern myth of that heroic journey, teaching the principles of our individual and collective desire for self-fulfillment through the Stories of her Authors and the documentation of their own Quest.

Yet while much work has been done in recognizing the archetypical heroic journey, very little has been done to recognize the underlying landscape on which that journey unfolds.

To meet this need and empower the many journeys of our individual paths through the Creation, Into the Mythica presents the concept of the Underlands, the ‘lands-beneath-the-land, clarifying the psychoemotional landscape that underlies the heroic journey and how our many Stories fit within it’s context.

As explorers documenting the living adventure deeper into the Mythica, Authors content is always expanding, allowing Readers to follow the Quest as far as they want to go into the magical World.

Central to this is the concept of the World Tree, the pattern beneath the synchronicities and circumstances of our lives.

As you explore the Stories of the Authors, there will be links to the various people, places and events that occur on their sacred Quest, enabling you to go deeper, to discover the avatars of the magical World.

Want to see what’s going on right now on the Quest? Follow the instagram of your favorite Author.

Want to go deeper? Return to the Mythica and Follow the Quest, where we reveal the techniques we use to transform our reality and the Great Story in which we are all a part.

As Authors of the Mythica, we document our journeys of synchronicity to reveal a real magical World.

Scribing the golden thread of our timelines of Awakening, we show the way deeper into the Mythica, where our lives are living legends.

We are adventurers, yogis of the emergence, clearing the separations of the past to birth our sacred purpose and walk the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth.

And we are not alone.  Together we rise, seeds of a new paradigm, revealing how we are all connected in the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.

It’s time for a New Story.