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As explorers documenting the living adventure deeper into the Mythica, Authors content is always expanding, allowing Readers to follow the Quest as far as they want to go into the magical World.

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Want to go deeper? Return to the Mythica and Follow the Quest, where we reveal the techniques we use to transform our reality and the Great Story in which we are all a part.

There is a real magical World.  Come with us on the journey into the Mythica


Follow the Quest of Mythica Authors as they track their journey along their timelines to Heaven on Earth.

Authors of the Great Story

As Authors of the Mythica, we document our journeys of synchronicity to reveal a real magical World.

Scribing the golden thread of our timelines of Awakening, we show the way deeper into the Mythica, where our lives are living legends.

We are adventurers, yogis of the emergence, clearing the separations of the past to birth our sacred purpose and walk the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth.

And we are not alone.  Together we rise, seeds of a new paradigm, revealing how we are all connected in the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.

It's time for a New Story.

Each Author's page features a bio, a link to the episodes of Into the Mythica documenting their mystical journey and an offering page of Akashic clearing where you may receive guidance and healing in transforming your own patterns, coming to see the much larger life-purpose, the Divine Gift that wishes to be expressed through you.

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Peter Fae


Yeshua Lucis