Authors of the Great Story

Revealing the Magical World

There are Worlds within the World.  Come with us on the journey to Heaven on Earth.

Follow the Quest of Mythica Authors as they track their journey along their timelines to Heaven on Earth.


As teachers of Akasha Yoga, Authors in the Mythica serve two functions.

As Author-Adventurers, we showcase the real heroic journey  to the manifestation of a more heavenly Earth through the application of the subtle arts, clearing the shadows along our own path of self-realization in the context of a much larger mystical Universe that exists beneath the surface of awareness, revealing the Great Story of our collective Awakening.

As yogi's, we offer transformation to the people, offering sessions in Akashic divination and clearing so that you have clearer access to the Gifts and talents that wish to blossom through you, revealing the golden thread of your timeline through the substance of the Akasha and helping you to step into  a more magical and expansive version of your reality.

Each Author's page features a bio, a link to the episodes of Into the Mythica documenting their yogic journey and an offering page where you may receive guidance and healing in transforming their own patterns, coming to see the much larger life-purpose, the Divine Gift that wishes to be expressed through you.


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Peter Fae


Yeshua Lucis