Peter Fae

Yeshua Lucis

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Follow the Quest of Mythica Authors as they track their journey to the new paradigm through the real magickal World. Here, follow the tales of Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis deeper into the Mythica.

As Author-Adventurers, we showcase the real heroic journey across the Underlands of the Mythica, clearing the shadows along our own path of self-realization in the context of a much larger mystical Universe that exists beneath the surface of awareness.

Here, we witness our unique expression of the physics of the quest, the underlying principle of ALL Stories, and reveal the Great Story, the tapestry of synchronicity and shared purposing that reveals the new paradigm of human Awakening.

Into the Mythica is unique in that the tales of our Author are also the application and the embodiment of the principles of the Academy. We do not just tell the people, we show the people what it means to walk the heroic path. Throughout the text, you will see links to the various aspects of the Academy and throughout the site. This is meant to be an ongoing reference to the principles of the yoga of Story and the landscape of the real magickal World.

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