Fruits of the Goddess

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As we travel deeper into the Mythica; we feel the vibrations of what we consume more profoundly.  A whole new dimension of value opens for us.  What we once ate, what we once found appetizing in our media; changes.  We aren’t interested in the old or toxic relationships; no matter their form.  We want something clearer.  Something more aligned with the vibrational plane in which we are moving.

It is here that we begin to search for, and find; the sacred relationship with the Creation.  We come to greater understanding of the nature of consciousness.  A better vantage of the subtle energies that lie beneath the surface of perception.

Food, real, living food; changes the substance of our bodies in the most material of ways.  We literally become made of the substances which we ingest.  Because of this; it’s intrinsically important to eat foods that are of a deeper Value.

As with all things in Life, food that is prepared in a sanctified way; by a being who emanates a benevolent vibration; is of higher Value than a food that comes from a more confused and toxic-laden realm.  At the Ark, I have converged with an intersection of such avatars; beings like Bhagvant Khalsa, Jade, and Keval Bliss.


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