Goddesses and Gods

The Idea of Gods and Goddesses looks a certain way from the depths of the Mythica.  When one has cleared their lens enough to stand steady upon the mythical planes of their Story; their vantage sees things more as they truly are.

The simplicity is this – We are the Gods.  We are the Goddesses.  The Stories that are written across the Worlds are about us.  About the deeper manifestation of what it means to be human.  The deeper, more realized versions of our Selves; full of power and presence and grandeur.

Everyone is in the process of remembering this.  Of Awakening to who they really are.  To the more clarified version of their sacred Self.

In the realms of the Mythica; I encounter many beings who have some remembrance of who they really are.  Who live a life of realized mythos.  It is a truly beautiful thing; to travel amongst a pantheon of avatars; doing their great work upon the Earth.  It is a realm of magick.  Of real mythology unfolding.  The “Asgard on the Midgard”.

It is a thing directly related to the embodiment of enlightenment.  The awareness of, and thus the reception of; the deeper, more realized aspects of your Self.

Coming to realize this is the yoga of your Story.  The understanding and the transformation of your consciousness by becoming more aware of your own mythic nature; thus bringing out the potential Goddess or God that lay within You awake.

From my vantage in the Mythica; all beings are Divine.  Their incarnate form is made of certain elements; certain deva.  And then there is how much those deva are expressed through that particular realm of being.  It’s a very elemental viewpoint.  Those elements have a shape; a sculptural shape; in the medium of consciousness.  The prima materia.  Such is the archetype.  Such is the base imprint of a quality of manifest consciousness.  The elemental building blocks of myth.

Our human Selves are made of these elements.  We ARE the Goddesses and Gods.  The tales we read and media we consume depicting the antics of magickal archetypes are the reflection of who we are in another realm of being.  A realm that can exist; here; in the physical plane.  Where we live a more mythical life; one of depth and relationship with the Lands within and without.  Where we have a greater awareness of the magick within us and the value that we bring to the Worlds.

When we live in such realms; at such depths of our own potential; we are living in the embodiment of being a ‘God’ of this or a ‘Goddess’ of that.  It is a most beautiful realm of being. to live in such a place.  For such a vantage has appreciation of the grandeur of one’s Story.

Such is the purpose of such tales; that they remind us our the more clarified version of our current Self.  Our current Story.

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