God’s Plan is Bigger than we are

In the human condition, we only have so much awareness.  It’s part of the nature of the thing.  We don’t know what’s going to happen, what blessings could be coming our way.  Often times, we go through what seem to be terrible circumstances, only to find out later that they were part of a much larger sequence, in which a great blessing was growing within us, designed to help us fulfill not only our destiny, but that of the other beings that surround us.  No matter how aware we are or think we are, there is always more.

As we move through our sacred Stories, it is important to remember that God is Good.  That the fundamental nature of the Universe is benevolent, seeking to correct the imbalances, to help us discover our Heart’s desire and to step into that illuminated destiny.  When we remember this, it is easier to hold the kind of attitude and energetic space that allows the energy of Abundance, the energy of transformation, to move through us more effectively.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t work.  It doesn’t mean we don’t experience pain, or confusion, or distress.  It only reminds that despite what these things may look like on the surface, there is something bigger, something benevolent going on.  That we can have Hope through the darkness, for God is always present.

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