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Of the many keys that we can use to change the conditions of our lives, gratitude is one of the strongest.  Many beings thankfully already invoke gratitude as a daily practice, yet sometimes it is difficult to hold such a tone in our lives, especially when we are dealing with circumstances that seem to be unceasing and terrible.

One should never just take scripture at face value.  They should always investigate it’s Truth, discover it’s potency within their own lives.  While I leave it up to You to choose whether to invoke gratitude for your life or not, in this article my aim is to explain WHY gratitude functions in the context of the physics of the Quest.

As we move through our sacred Story, there is a flow of energy that passes through us, an ongoing stream of information and possibility that wishes to be recognized, coming from the perpetual nature of the Divine, which is positive.  Dependent on the way in which we hold our attitude and our Selves, we restrict or enable the flow of that energy to move through us.  When we are perpetually bitter, when we are disgruntled, when we are filled with rancor towards our circumstance, it creates chaff.  Debris in the channel of this Divine light.  When this happens, we diminish our ability to perceive and thus receive the Goodness that wishes to come through us.  We literally shrink the iris of our ability to See that which truly is.  In contrast, when we hold an attitude of gratitude, we are more aligned with the true nature of the Divine, and thus the information, the brightness that wishes to be seen within us, may blossom.  We experience more energy, more Ideas, and correct our misalignment back to wholeness.

I know it is not always easy, to be grateful.  I know this from experience, for during many years of the Journey Home, I was not grateful for what was happening. Yet in time, I came to see the deeper Truth, that everything that happened on my Path led to the fulfillment of my destiny and the evolution of my character.  That God was Good, despite what it seemed, and gratitude was the proper stance to hold for the blessing of a human life.  Such is the same for You, regardless of your current conditions.  For though we cannot know all things, and much of our Path lay in Mystery, everything that happens in our lives is part of something much larger, affecting more than just our singular Self.  Simply put, when we are grateful, we align with the Truth – That we are here for a bright Purpose, that our lives have meaning, that we have value, and when we are grateful for that value, the Universe shows it’s gratitude back to us.





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