The Guardian Alliance

The Djedhi are real.  Beings of potency and presence; dedicated to the Service of Life.  As we come to recognize the Truth; that all media is a reflection of the inherent potential hidden within the human condition; we see that the Stories that have inspired us throughout our lives; that remind us of what is Good and Just; are but the echo of something real and noble; a vanguard of guardians who hold firm stance for the Awakening of the World.

In real life, the siddhi (yogic powers of energy and awareness) that are represented in the media of the old paradigm play out differently.  What they appear as in special effect and fantasy is an exaggerated presentation designed to overwhelm the senses of an already over-saturated nervous system.  As we come to recognize the subtle elemental energies of which they are constructed; as we come to see how they play out in the REAL World, we take our first precious steps into the revelation of our own powers of consciousness.  Our own inherent heroism.

As I have traveled through the depths of the Mythica; witnessing the avatars that arrived as part of the Yoga of Story; I have been graced to encounter true superheroes, beings possessed of inherent and cultivated powers; setting the tone for a new paradigm of personal achievement.  Blending the various energetic arts with those of diplomacy and noble aspiration; facilitating the transmission of new technologies in bright service, these beings are more than just the seed of the Emergent World; they are champions from all walks of Life; from all across this beautiful globe; finding resonance and reflection for the heroic ideals that stir the fires within their Hearts.

ITM - Adam ApolloOne of these is my ally Adam Apollo; an ambassador of the Emergent World.  In the witnessing of the Mythica; Adam I first crossed Paths during the ‘Tribal Convergence’ in 2012.  A magnificent event weaving together ancient traditions and newfound technologies to actualize the human potential.  Since then, we have encountered each other multiple times; sharing space in the venerable realms of ‘Tikal’; deep within Blackrock; the City of Dreams; and have blossomed in collaborative alliance; recognizing the integral pieces of our individual projects as part and parcel of a new round table; an alliance of Guardians devoted to the reclamation of Hope, Wonder, and human achievement.

Adam is one of the prime creators of the Guardian Alliance; a collective of authentic djedhi teaching the new paradigm of energetic arts.  From Qi Gong to Divination; the Alliance beautifully represents the archetypes of the emergent World; granting a sounding board and foundation for individuals to step beyond the silver screen; put down the fantasy book; and step into the very real art of being a Guardian.

For those who are interested in breaking free of the confusions of the old paradigm and stepping into their intrinsic power in service to Life; there is the Guardian Alliance.

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