Holding your vibrational tone

In World of the Mythicaby Peter Fae

It is crucially important that we learn to hold our vibrational tone.  To feel the particulars of what we are currently embodying, and understand the mechanics of manifestation from this perspective.

In this photo, I am applying the ‘Manifestor consciousness’ approach of the Life Visioning techniques, while standing in the Apple store in Santa Monica.  In the end, it doesn’t matter where we are in the outer world, but rather where we are in the inner.

Many times we may ask ourselves, why isn’t this happening yet? And more often than not the Answer is, because You aren’t doing the work.

In this context, I am doing just that.  Focusing my attention inward, discerning the texture of my vibration.  Before anything else, I focus on the feeling of support, of knowing that God is Good, and settling into that firmament.  From there, I begin envisioning the reality that I want, layering it on top of that sense of safety and care.

It is not entirely easy.  As I do this, I am aware of patterns of disharmony that have existed within, which have created my previous realities.  Yet simultaneous there is a Knowing that I am becoming ever more aware of my own field, of the very specific textures of ease or distress, applying the balms of forgiveness and sculpted thought to see the way through.

As beings living in an Age of Transformation, we are all learning the causal reasons for our manifestation.  Yet the only way to truly prove this, to truly stand in sovereignty, is to follow through on our techniques.  Regularly.  To do the Work.  Only then can we truly see the results.

(in the context of the Journey Home, this photo occurs during the last stages of Temple of the Fire Diamond and just before the flight to Bali in 2017)


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