Intro to the Mythica – Angels in the Clay

Academy – Angels in the Clay

“Greetings and welcome to the Academy” Peter says, opening the door. Before you stands a great hall, surrounded by curving walls of books and doors.

He bows. “Let’s get started. Akashic magic is more of a context than a definition. She’s an understanding A relationship with the nature of form itself and it’s relationship to one’s personal experience. You know, the conditions and challenges of your lives.”

You walk forward together, deeper into Story. Peter stops by a statue along one of the bookshelves.

He smiles. “You know, back in the day there was a movie called ‘Clash of the Titans’, which I loved. In one of the scenes, Zeus, the head of that pantheon of Divine embodiments, picks up a clay sculpture from a wall of sculptures, representing a particular person in the mortal plane. As he does this, he places it down in a new location, moving that person from one place and time to another.”

The scene shifts then, into a vast gallery, with sculptures as far as the idea can see, an infinite variety of shapes running along an infinite tunnel.

He stops, picking up a slab of clay and mushing it between his fingers.

“Masculine, feminine, the different colours and textures of the human plane, these are all just shapes. Shapes in the clay. Here at the Academy, we come to see that we are not the sculpture, we are the sculptor. We are not the clay, nor the traditions and other impressions that make up our lives. We are instead the awareness that inhabits that clay, discovering it’s curves and gravities in our sacred exploration of what it means to be human.”

This inevitably brings up the question, are we adding to that clay in the formation our personality and it’s magics?

“Yet … what if there were already something there? A Divine blueprint, a seed within your self waiting to emerge? What if the most embodied version of your current self alreadylay within You?”

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“See, in a very simple way, all spells are sculptures. An organization of energies brought into a shape. From this context, all traditions, all lineages, all belief systems and styles of manifestation are simply rearrangements of very fundamental things. Subtle energies that underlie the more complex forms.”

“It’s very much like music. While we often appreciate the grand orchestration of a musical piece with it’s many layers, hearing the play of chords and progressions along time, it is easy to forget that chords are made of notes, which further break down into rhythms, distilling down to the primal elements that make up the much larger piece.”