Intro to the Mythica – Lives as Stories

The Living Story

Into the Mythica is a living Story.” he says, walking down the hallway of books, the floor and ceiling glittering like mirrors of space and stars.

“She’s more than an art piece. In a real way, this website is more of a window than a painting, a way of witnessing the breath of our Stories themselves. A way of seeing the Mythica’s unfoldment through the weave of our many myths.

He stops, picking a golden book from the shelves, gazing at it with reverence.

“In this way …. she is never done. Stories have no ending, nor do they begin. Like the essence that lay behind the characters we play in the grand tale of our shared unfoldment, Stories are forever.”

“Our lives are Stories” he says. “Threads of time across the canvas of experience. A heroic journey from one reality to another. Where we walk a heroic journey along a landscape of vibration., part of the Great Story of human awakening.”

“Yet there is something deeper still” he says, picking up one of the books, with what looks like a the pages of a book opening into leaves. Beneath the glyph, it says ‘Into the Mythica’.

He smiles. Holding the book with reverence. “She’s more than a book. The Mythica is a portal, a gateway into the realms of real magic. Stepping into these pages will change your very reality.”

He places the book on the table. Gently unfolding a golden clasp which slides silently open.

“See, the Mythica could never fit into a single book. She’s as big as the Sky, as vast as the Creation itself. No normal binding could not contain the pages of the World Tree. I needed to create something deeper. A gateway, made of fine things. A library of Stories. One that could grow infinitely large, a chorus of voices remembering the World, together.”

“Yet such a thing could not be done alone.” he says, turning and smiling to You. “Stories are never singular things, but threads, part of the great skein of time and space. Others were needed, willing to share the sacredness of their own journey along the rainbow road. Ready to share their Voice with the World.”

“Beautiful, is she not?” he asks, rainbow eyes looking over the vastness of the starscape. “Seen from above, we are the literal Stars of the Great Story, connected to each other in constellations of synchronicity. Wrought to a deeper purpose than we know.”

Where we are the heroines and heroes of each other’s adventures. Facing the trials and triumphs of making our way to a more heavenly Earth.

“Yet to travel the underlands of Story, one must have a compass. A means of navigating one’s way across the realms of the Mythica.

Here, Yeshua and I make our way through the pages of the Great Story, documenting our journey. Witnessing the avatars of the Awakening as we cross each other’s Path.”

Walking the World Tree

“Yet to travel between those realms we need a compass. A way of understanding our position in that vast multiverse of possibility. A way to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.”

He smiles.

“When we can do this … when we can see where we are on that vast tapestry of experience, we can see where we’re going.

We find ourselves moving through the context, changing our shape. Becoming. Endlessly becoming on the rainbow road across the Akasha.

Such are the fractals, the nature of our sharing and circumstance. The places where we meet each other and rise.

“We exist in many dimensions simultaneously. Facets of the much greater jewel of our consciousness. Where we are often splintered, on a journey of integration to who we really are.”

We are always moving through the dimensions.

Finding our way through the fractals of our lives.