Intro to the Mythica – The Entranceway

There is a Book that is a Door. A portal into the World of real magic. A way of seeing the subtle planes of our awareness.

You enter the portal, and the space changes. The view shifts. All around you is a great courtyard, with a set of rainbow doors around it’s circumference.

A man appears then, a golden cloak wrapped around his shoulders. 

“Blessings. I’m Peter Fae.” he says.

“I’m the creator of Into the Mythica. Welcome to my portal to the magical World.” and bows.

“A little bit about me. In 2002 I set off on a journey into the real magical World. Into a place that I called ‘the Mythica’. Soon after I did, I was led to the island of Kauai, where I received a vision, to track the journey with my photography,, using the photos to piece together the landscape of that mystical realm.

In this way I became an explorer. A cartographer across the underlands of the Mythica, gradually discovering the nature of the mystical World and my place within it.

It’s been a wilde ride. My adventures took me all across the realms, meeting the authentic avatars of the modern magical World, where I would study the arts of magic in sacred mountains, make my way across the realms of faerie, and walk the rainbow road to Heaven on Earth.

“As part of my mission, I created this site to showcase what I discovered. To tell the tale of my adventures and help You, the Readers, discover the lands of legend and track your own way to a brighter reality. To discover the magic that lay within you.

As for how we do that, well, it’s all about our Stories.”