Intro to the Mythica – The Story Portal

The Story Portal

You know, I contemplated how i’d present the Mythica for a long time. My intention is to help the people remember, to step deeper into the magical octave of their own experience. To live more fully in Heaven on Earth.”

A door appears then, hovering in space. Within it, you see a golden keyhole, and within that, a World of vibrant wonder.

”I knew that most beings had not yet awakened to their potential. That they did not perceive or belief in their own magic. Seeing this, I realized I had to build a portal. A doorway of real Stories, made of real people, that proved the underlying laws that brought us to the real magical World.”

He turns the key, and the door trembles, starting to open.

The scene shifts again. You see a younger Peter standing with a wolf. A camera hangs from his hand, strung ike a bandollier of lightning.

“See the journey i’ve been on has been so magical, so almost-unbelievable that I knew I couldn’t just tell the people. I had to SHOW them. To show You, the Reader, the proof of my adventures. So, for more than fifteen years I used my photography to witness my journey.”

He grins. “This took a special kind of photography. A technique of approach that set the stage for everything else. I wanted to prove that we lived in a outer expression of our own inner landscape. That when we changed the energies within, the World without changed with it. I wanted to show that we encountered the people, places and conditions of our lives as part of something much larger, that each and every one of us was playing a part in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.”

“Yet the realms of magic are tricky. To encounter them, you have to be in the right space at the rigth time, living on a particular octave of awareness. How to show that to the people?”

”We documented the realms, North and I.” He says. “Made our way across the underlands of the Mythica proving the journey home.”

“This formed to basis of what I came to call the Art of Arriving. An applied technique where I used my camera as an explorer, documenting the circumstances of my life. To maintain the highest authenticity, I never set the photos up or used photoshop, intending to show that it was the inner mysticism that had brought me to the circumstances in which those pictures and people appeared. That there was a deeper causality to the unfoldment along my timeline and others.”

Traveling the Akasha

The Ocean of the Akasha

The scene shifts. A landscape of colour appears before your eyes. A swirling ocean of hues and textures, endlessly moving. Feelings move through the space, distinct and magnetic.

Peter looks up at you. “This is the ocean of the Akasha. It’s the deepest territory i’ve seen before things fade into the formless.”

He twirls then, moving his fingers. Fluidly, intricately shaping the air. As he does, something shimmers. Or perhaps is felt. Something changing in the field. It is a thing of textures, subtle and enduring.

Peter smiles.

“So I had this idea. Or rather, this idea had me. To map my movement across that magical landscape, and use that to show people my point of view. My vantage on the Creation. On the magic and majesy that is our birthright.”

”We all have our own magic” he says, looking up at You. “Our own way of witnessing the Creation. Of seeing the landscape of our own legend. In these pages and through the publications of Into the Mythica, i’m going to share with you my viewpoint. The way in which i’ve worked the magic to bring me from the realms of Shadow and Scarcity to the embodiment of a heavenly Earth.”

He bows again, smiling. “This is but the first stage of the Mythica. My Story, and that of Yeshua’s are merely the beginning. Here we begin a temple of Stories, a place for us to share our Awakening and Remembrance. As we explore this together I look forward to hearing your Story.”