Intro to the Mythica – Timelines

Space shifts, and with it, the vantage. Peter stands upon a set of stone stairs, looking out across a grassy field.

“Into the Mythica is all about the timelines. Timelines are crucial to understanding the magical World. As Authors and Explorers, we use our timelines to show our movement across the underlands of the Mythica. Showcasing the heroic journey and the subtle landscape that defines our Quest.

They are the lines between the points in the sky, the path we walk from birth to death across the incarnate plane.”

“Each of us has a timeline. It’s the Story of our Life. Of our experiences. The people, the places, the ways in which we lived and learned. Our timeline is the thread of our existence from breath to death. In a yoga way, it could be called the spine of your Story.

As explorers across the Mythica, we track our timelines in order to map our way across the realms.